What I’ve Learned From Podcasting for 4 Seasons

Adam and I have hosted our own podcast for 4 seasons now. We had talked about having our own podcast for a few years and it wasn’t until we hired Michael that it actually happened. Michael sits in during our recordings and makes sure we sound alright. He also edits and publishes each episode. A man of many talents, he is. I figured I’d share that information upfront because these lessons that I’ve learned aren’t necessarily from doing the hard work. I just sit down and…talk.

So here I am, sharing things that I’ve learned from talking to my husband every week in a specific format. Thrilling, I know.

  1. When you interview people, it’s a lengthy conversation. Granted, we interviewed people who we knew and liked (during seasons 1 + 2) but time really flies and all of a sudden you have an hour and a half recorded conversation.
  2. Talking about pop culture and current events in a delayed fashion can be sort of stressful. For example, we mentioned Kanye in one of the first episodes of this season before he went full MAGA on us. By the time it got published, he was being Very Idiotic but the episode was so light-hearted. Now I understand why some of the podcasts I used to listen to state the day and time it was recorded.
  3. In that last lesson, I mentioned podcasts that I “used to listen to” because I don’t listen to podcasts right now, at this time in my life. I am embracing the quiet. A little less talking. It’s good. All that to say, I think putting out a podcast when you don’t listen to podcasts sums up my way of life. I don’t like to be surrounded by the same types of things that I’m making.
  4. I have to treat my day differently when I know we’re recording. I made the mistake in season 1 of just rushing through the day, getting tasks done and focusing hard. By the time I sat down to record, I was irritable and annoyed (my own fault, not Adam’s). I don’t take meetings on Mondays (the day we record) and when I’m engaged and in a good mood, the entire experience is better.
  5. The last thing I’ve learned is that you JUST HAVE TO DO IT. If you have an idea, just do it. You’ll do it poorly, or well, or just fine. But no one really cares. Just try it. Keep going. Maybe you’ll hate it. Maybe you’ll find your life’s calling. (PS: Podcasting is not my life’s calling but I like it a lot).

So now I have to ask. Do you listen to podcasts? How do you find the time?!


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  • Bri
    Posted at 10:18h, 03 May Reply

    I have podcasts playing in the background at work which means I only half hear them. Some I listen to while cooking or cleaning or resting–I save the ones I enjoy most for those times.

    But I’m a huge fan of silence.

    • Allie
      Posted at 12:38h, 03 May Reply

      I’ve done that a few times (Where I play a podcast and realize I didn’t really hear any of it). Driving in the car is my FAVORITE time to listen but my commute to work is 1 minute haha.

      • Bri
        Posted at 11:23h, 04 May Reply

        When Aaron and I were dating with 3 hours between us, I was CONSTANTLY listening to podcasts in the car!

  • Charmaine
    Posted at 11:37h, 03 May Reply

    Kumusta, Allie!

    I can relate to your thoughts on tuning out the noise from people doing similar things to what you’re doing. It reminds me of a Saul Williams interview I watched recently – he said that what you listen to is your diet (he was talking specifically about music and rappers). If you listen or watch the same artists every day, it’s limiting your influences and what you can potentially become (you are what you eat). If you reach out to other influences (like a rapper listening to Rachmaninoff), you face no limitations and your artistry becomes more wholesome, more unique.

    Noise can be seductive though. I’m also trying to tune out a lot of the noise around me. I recently deactivated my Instagram and limited my Facebook to an address book. It is liberating.

    By the way, I love your sweater in the picture! Care to share where you got it from?

    Love from Canada,

    • Allie
      Posted at 12:40h, 03 May Reply

      Kumusta! :)

      I love what you shared about Saul’s interview. I need to find that because I really resonate with it. And good for you for stepping back from some of those online social connections. I find that I’m in a great space after deleting my Facebook last year. I have another account that I use to connect to our online membership but I’m not friends with anyone except my husband!

      Oh and the sweatshirt is from Target!!

      • Charmaine
        Posted at 22:41h, 04 May Reply

        Here you go! :) https://youtu.be/zJn_J4U0ml8

        I was in his show in Toronto two years ago, and he said one line that still resonates with me today:

        “Your Art is your Evolution”.

        • Allie
          Posted at 10:36h, 05 May Reply

          Thank you!!

  • Carrie Kelleher
    Posted at 10:47h, 09 May Reply

    What is your podcast? Did you say in the post – I don’t think so…
    And, YES, I listen to a zillion podcasts and still love it. :)

    • Allie
      Posted at 10:50h, 09 May Reply

      I’m laughing to myself because I think it’s so funny that I didn’t even explain what the podcast is! It’s called The Wonder Jam Cast and we talk about balancing everything while running a small business!

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