September’s New Thing #3

One of my 3 new things to try in September was to buy all my produce from farmer’s markets! It’s one of the best new things I’ve decided to do. For the past five years of my life, I would just buy all my produce from the grocery store because it was easier (which isn’t necessarily true). I was only in town for two weekends in September but hit the local Grandview Farmer’s Market each Saturday morning. Not only did it encourage me to wake up a little earlier but I was able to get a nice little walk in + grab a cup of coffee from a local shop.

Here’s what I bought:

We eat dinner at home about 3-4 times a week. I made sure to get green beans, garlic and zucchini both weekends. The tomatoes and the peppers were always the first to get too ripe. I’m excited to continue into October and then I’m going to probably subscribe to a service like Green Bean Delivery during the winter months. My favorite buys were the local, fresh flowers and the unsweetened apple butter.

What do you do during the colder months? Do you have a year-round market? Do you grow your own/preserve? 


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