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  • FRONT_860

    New Work

    A few new pieces added to my portfolio.…

  • Print

    New Print!

    I’ve created a new print that will be going in my Etsy shop soon. I’m in the process of creating work  for no one but myself. It’s pretty rad. Keep a look…

  • typo nike_ZADIE


    Gorgeous work by Ill-Studio in Paris. I’m smitten.…

  • Design

    My Eyes Like It.

    Recently found designs that I love (clockwise): Beautiful type + pink found here, great book cover found here, La Dolce Vita found here, and great signage found here.…

  • inspire2

    Repeat Often

    Work is pouring in, I hardly have a moment to remember to sit up straight (finally seeing a chiropractor next week) but I’m staying inspired. I like making lists so here is…

  • Myers_05_915


    This project caught my eye over on Adam&Co.‘s portfolio site. Plus- my husband’s name is Adam so I’m a bit biased.…

  • karma003_905

    Mads Burcharth

    Stinking talented. Check out Mads Burcharth’s work here. Samples below. I can’t get enough of type lately.…

  • iPad
    Freebies, Sharing is Caring

    Throw Up, Show Up, Grow Up

    Sharing is caring. So enjoy these iPhone/iPad/Desktop wallpapers! Just click on the links below and save to your technological toy of choice. All the advice you’ll ever need in life. Throw Up,…

  • woodland-wedding-invitations


    LOVE these wedding invitations. I can’t wait until I can design my next set. Until then, I will admire these. Invites by Mitchell & Dent. Invites by Julia Kostreva. Invites by Unruly…