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Monday Link Love

Happy Monday! This Monday Link Love is just the normal kind. No special theme. Just links that I’ve either bookmarked, saved or gone back to in the past week! Enjoy!

– A website devoted to grilled cheese? Yes please. My maid of honor threw my bachelorette party at a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant in Chicago but it’s closed since then. Sad.

– I don’t like drinking coffee all day so I thought maybe getting one of these electric water kettles from Bodum would be a great way to drink tea throughout my workday! Anyone have one of these?

– Find out what I’m currently reading here. Are you on Goodreads? Let’s be reading pals.

– I may or may not be getting some Snap next month from Philly. Woo!

– I’ll also be making some crisp pan-fried potatoes soon.

– I’m excited to be taking my love of photography into a new phase this spring. More details about that later. Until then, I’m admiring photographers like Angi Welsch.

– Still loving Chris Milk’s short film “Last Day Dream” here on Vimeo.

Monday Link Love

This Monday Link Love is dedicated to my dream house. I’m assuming that it exists somewhere since I would have no desire to build a house of my own. So, here’s to you housey.

– I’m not sure when wallpaper got cool again but I jumped on board. I love the first image in this post. Great pattern and contrast.

– Yes, actually my dream house could very well be a tree house.

– Holy bed, chandelier and wood galore. I love it.

– A great resource I stumbled upon with lots of great photos of rooms, layouts, and inspiration. The featured photo in this post was found there.

– Are you on Pinterest? If so, follow this LIVING board.

– I like the way these photos are arranged.



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Monday Link Love

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and a great holiday (for those in the States). As you can see, it was a bit foggy this Thanksgiving, but we really enjoyed ourselves. Of course now I am extremely excited because it’s now officially the Christmas season! Expect a lot of gift guides, holiday-themed posts, and too much cheer for one blog. For now- enjoy links!

– I love these moon rocks prints found over on Unruly Things.

– These cloth napkins are bold and beautiful but a bit pricey!

– I really, really need/want (but mostly need) this Boreal Forest Poster over at Banquet.

– I really loved this post about 30 Etsy shops for cooks.

Where do ideas come from? (via Seth Godin)

– How adorable is Sonya and her lovely scarf? All those in favor of her opening a shop, say ‘I!”

Monday Link Love

– Gorgeous photo by Harry Bloom.

– A great interview with Simone Harouche over on Rifle‘s blog. My favorite part of the interview was:

What’s the best advice you’ve received and the greatest lesson you’ve learned so far in your career?

Greatest advice was from my agent and friend Margaret Maldonado, “If you work at what it is you want to do every day, it just gets better and better.
 Every day you get closer to where you want to be. When people talk about what they want to do but they don’t show up, they get stalled. Just do it. If you want to be a painter, make sure you paint every day.

Greatest lesson: And this one I had to learn personally- Always take valuables out of the car. No matter how tired you are, or how long your day has been.”

– Norway saw snow this week! Makes me excited and dreaming for Christmas!
– Fun patterns and illustrations over at Where the Lovely Things Are
PrintProof is an iPhone app that helps you check off that to-do list before sending anything to the printer.
– Seth rants here. I like it when he rants. “For less than your cable TV bill, you can buy and read an important book every week.”
– Black and white foil stamp wedding invitations. I have this obsession with foil stamp lately. I may utilize that for my next business card design.

Monday Link Love

– The photo above was taken by Kellyn. I talk about her a lot. And she’s blogging more! Subscribe!

– Rubber stamp business cards! I love it. I also love that you could change the color of the ink whenever you wanted!

– I love this post about being busy vs talking about being busy. My motto is “Stop talking about it and DO it.”

– Winnie the Pooh stamps!

Rachael talks about Missed Connections on Craigslist and how one artists chose to beautifully visualize them.

– I was glad to see that DoubleTree hotels changed their logo. I hated the old one.

– This ring is gorgeous. Would you wear it as an engagement ring?

That’s all folks. Check out a later post this afternoon!

Monday Link Love

Greetings, pals. I hope you all had lovely fall-like weekends. It was chilly here and I loved it. Enjoy the links. And always feel free to post some of your favorite links as well.

– I’ll always be drawn to chalkboard walls. We had a small chalkboard wall in our old place and it was a lot of fun. Not too hard to cover either.

– I’m not a big “game person” but I would be willing to give these Typeface Memory Cards a try.

– Graphic designer Emma Robertson’s style reminds me of my own. Love her business cards!

– I loved shopping at Topshop in London. Here’s a look at their makeup line. So cute.

Six Impossible Things, reposted by Sharon (who’s blog I adore).

– Sonya shared Lonnie Webb’s work on her blog. So beautiful.

– A gridulator? Yes!

– I love this weekend DIY.

– Stunning image above from Kim Holtermand’s Tuve (found over at Teen Angster)

Monday Link Love

– I want these outlets in my house! USB plugs. Win.

– I’d probably spend more money if I had a Pantone VISA card.

– I love my wedding band. It’s simple and it’s silver. But lately I’ve really loved the gold bands.

– So proud of Jeni’s for being named one of the best sweets in America! Yeah Columbus!

– Ever since I saw Jewel share this link via Google Reader, I keep wanting to make sweet potato ravioli!

Monday Link Love

– Incredible picture from Crazy storms hit Brooklyn (and here in Columbus) on Thursday. I personally love storms so this photo isn’t too depressing for me. If it is for you….I apologize! Just be glad it’s not like this today.

– I agree with Caroline. I could live in this sweater.

– The Brick House is one of my favorites for home inspiration. I love this post about refreshing vintage wood.

– This back-to-school wish list is adorable. Sometimes I actually miss homework. Weird?

– These prints are amazing. Typography and truth. Nothing better.

Stamps of disapproval. I’m all for motivation and encouragement but these are pretty great.

– Grey, letterpress, and pretty stamps. All of my favorites.

– These swimsuits are killer! Gorgeous.