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Monday Link Love

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a Monday Link Love so I bet you’re peeing your pants right now. I realized that I’ve tweeting a lot of the fun things I find on the internet throughout the week and then have nothing to share come Monday. I’ve decided to set aside 3-5 links that I REALLY want to share to keep your Monday blog browsing quick and sweet. Enjoy.

Love is a Choice

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I figured I’d not only keep the Monday Link Love tradition BUT I would also give you something. You know…like a Valentine’s Day present. Because I love you.

My “Love is a Choice” print has now been converted over to an iPhone, iPad and iMac background! Download and pass it a long! (Clicking the links will prompt the download).

Monday Link Love

I’m ridiculously excited about this Monday Link Love. I truly believe it’s the best collection of links I’ve EVER posted. And I want to thank the Superbowl for allowing me 4 hours of free time to plan it! I thought your Monday could use the links AND a little smooch from Marilyn.

– This adorable ruffled tee on All Things Heart & Home is so adorable. I really can’t sew. I also don’t own a sewing machine but now I wish I did.

Multi Tier Cake Pans?! YES!

– These wedding paper goods are in a league of their own. Watch the video at the bottom of how they made each invitation. Talk about dedication!

– I want to try to braid and style my hair like this. It’s getting long enough. Alas, it will probably just look like I’m homeless.

– “I want a boy who will build me bookshelves.” (Adam has already done this for me, so I win.)

– I’ve been missing my laptop recently. If I had a MacBook Air, I would be purchasing this case now!

Do what you love and do it often. Well said. And nice type.

Monday Link Love

Happy Monday! This Monday Link Love is just the normal kind. No special theme. Just links that I’ve either bookmarked, saved or gone back to in the past week! Enjoy!

– A website devoted to grilled cheese? Yes please. My maid of honor threw my bachelorette party at a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant in Chicago but it’s closed since then. Sad.

– I don’t like drinking coffee all day so I thought maybe getting one of these electric water kettles from Bodum would be a great way to drink tea throughout my workday! Anyone have one of these?

– Find out what I’m currently reading here. Are you on Goodreads? Let’s be reading pals.

– I may or may not be getting some Snap next month from Philly. Woo!

– I’ll also be making some crisp pan-fried potatoes soon.

– I’m excited to be taking my love of photography into a new phase this spring. More details about that later. Until then, I’m admiring photographers like Angi Welsch.

– Still loving Chris Milk’s short film “Last Day Dream” here on Vimeo.

Monday Link Love

Hello lovelies. I’m off today for MLK Day and I will be busy, busy freelancing and meeting clients but enjoy this Monday Link Love “Home/Office Accessories Edition.” I thought I’d include images only. Clicking on them takes you to the original source. Hope you all have a great day. XO

Monday Link Love

This Monday Link Love is dedicated to patterns. PATTERNS GALORE!

– The featured image was found on m8roberto’s flickr page.

– A cute polka-dot hand towel found over at Terrain [$22]

– A sailor sweater found over at J.Crew [$88]

Squares blanket found over at ferm LIVING [$99]

– Striped Air Mail Cotten Label Tape over at Wonderland Room [$4.50]

Michael Miller Sanctuary Zen Garden Pear fabric pattern over at [$8.98/yard]

My pattern inspiration found over at!

Monday Link Love

– The photo above is a photography by Cheryl Maeder. The soft, blurry photograph remind me of a Mark Rothko painting. (Found via Black Eiffel)

Delight by Design just featured a gorgeous bar cart that I’ve been staring at for awhile now.

Oh Joy! featured work by Dale Frank awhile ago and something about it intrigued me. So bold.

– Also loved Brett Amory‘s work on My Love For You Is a Stampede of Horses.

– Seth’s post on Pushing Back on Mediocre Professors TOTALLY resonated with me. I wanted to give Seth Godin a big high five.

Enjoy your Monday! Photos from my Chicago trip will be up tomorrow! About 2 photos from my Chicago trip will be up tomorrow because I hardly took any! What is my problem?!?

Monday Link Love : Blog Edition

I thought I’d mix it up this week and share some of my most recent favorites on the blogosphere. Blogosphere? Is that the right term? You can click the headers to take you directly to the wonderful bloginess that I adore. Too many blog words. I’m done.

Monday Link Love

– Gorgeous photo by Harry Bloom.

– A great interview with Simone Harouche over on Rifle‘s blog. My favorite part of the interview was:

What’s the best advice you’ve received and the greatest lesson you’ve learned so far in your career?

Greatest advice was from my agent and friend Margaret Maldonado, “If you work at what it is you want to do every day, it just gets better and better.
 Every day you get closer to where you want to be. When people talk about what they want to do but they don’t show up, they get stalled. Just do it. If you want to be a painter, make sure you paint every day.

Greatest lesson: And this one I had to learn personally- Always take valuables out of the car. No matter how tired you are, or how long your day has been.”

– Norway saw snow this week! Makes me excited and dreaming for Christmas!
– Fun patterns and illustrations over at Where the Lovely Things Are
PrintProof is an iPhone app that helps you check off that to-do list before sending anything to the printer.
– Seth rants here. I like it when he rants. “For less than your cable TV bill, you can buy and read an important book every week.”
– Black and white foil stamp wedding invitations. I have this obsession with foil stamp lately. I may utilize that for my next business card design.