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One Day : The Details

I’m in the process of setting up some amazing interviews and guest bloggers for this series and so this week I thought I’d share some of my own finds. A lot of couples that I meet want a wedding that is affordable yet has a lot of personality. Below are a few pieces that caught my eye over on Etsy. Not only are they wonderful but they’re affordable too.

CONFETTI Boutonniere by Pomp and Plumage, Yarn Pom Cake Garland by Short Cake Party Picks, Something Blue Custom Bride’s Hanger by Dawns Craft Store.

Personalized Silk Lucia Garter by Lola In Lace, Spring Summer Bride Bouquet by Bragging Bags, Photobooth Party on a Stick by Little Retreats.


Etsy Finds : FASHION!

Sometimes if you dedicate an hour…or two…to finding things on Etsy, you’ll actually find amazing things. Don’t get me wrong- there are so many talented shop owners but there are A LOT so I always have a difficult time finding what I’m looking for. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these finds, unless I buy them all. Just kidding. I can’t afford all of this.

From top to bottom [sarahseven’s Mustard Beau skirt and tea top, MariesVintage’s Vintage 70s OXBLOOD Leather Cowgirl Boots 5.5, leoniesaliba’s Handmade Leather Weekend Bag, kickinmulevintage’s Vintage 1970s Snakeskin Evan Picone Heels Sz. 6.5, jennyndesign’s Briefcase in Chestnut Brown Leather – Made to Order.

Monday Link Love

– Fact: I would go camping if someone promised me that it would be like this.

– Here’s our perspective on our crazy car problems this past week. I love my husband.

– These business cards have inspired me to pass out all my old ones and re-design and print new ones.

– Awesome type via Vogue Living!

This & That caught my eye recently. So did these light fixtures.

– It’s summer time and these photos are fabulous.

– Check out these dog crates. Prettiest crates I’ve ever seen.

– For my local readers: check out Cbusr! YOU can nominate someone who lives, breathes, and contributes to all things Columbus and promotes our fair city through Twitter and other social media platforms. Also if you missed the Columbus Pride Festival, check out this video by Mike Beaumont.

– Image taken on my trip with my iPhone. I swear I saw a sea monster. Don’t you see it?

Loveable links for your weekend!

I usually pump out links to share on Mondays but I’ve been behind in almost everything lately. My room is covered in dirty (and clean) clothes, I’m battling a head cold and I’m juggling three jobs! Anyways, if you’re bored at work or waiting for the weekend to roll around…enjoy these links!

– Who wouldn’t want the sand beneath their feet all day at work?

– Throwing a cocktail party? Impress your guests with these invitations.

– One of my all time favorite YouTube videos. It makes me want to have a daughter.

– I wouldn’t be cool enough to live here.

– Downloaded this mix over at Pitch Design Union! Love it.

– Check out the shirts at Stymie. Found here.

– I love their use of the chalkboard wall. So clean and visually appealing.

– Buying a return address stamp here soon!

Adam and I just saw Mumford and Sons (isn’t their site design awesome?) recently. AMAZING. Watch this video. Image above from their concert.

An Afternoon Affair on Lake Geneva

I know I say this every time I design wedding invitations but this set is really one of my favorites. The couple, who will be married this summer on Lake Geneva, decided they wanted to communicate to their guests the importance of the lake. They achieved this by adding hand drawn sketches of the Riviera building and the boat that their cocktail hour will be held. I’m excited to photograph these professionally and add the other design elements that I contributed later this summer. Check back to see their creative and beautiful escort card idea!

Charismatic Dogs Blog

The Charismatic Dogs book has a site now! The photographer,, emailed me yesterday informing me will be using the Charismatic Dogs book for marketing purposes! Very awesome. Volume II is in the works.

Now that it’s all said and done.

Well, all of my orders are sent out and I feel accomplished in the fact that I had my first experience in paper goods. I realize now that I will always love print design more than anything designed for web and I’m okay with that. There’s something really great about holding what you created in your own hands. All-in-all it was fun and the cards that I still have in stock are already running low so I’m having a difficult time figuring out how many more to get printed. Feel free to leave your advice or if you’re still interested in buying a set for Mother’s Day, it’s possible that I can have then on her doorstep by Saturday!

*Pardon my horrid photography, all I have is my iPhone!