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Daily Occurrences

Life. Has. Been. Crazy. In all the good ways.

Since the last weekend in March I feel like I’ve been running around at 120 miles per hour. We’ve moved, seen both our families, dealt with car issues, my BEST FRIEND HAD HER BABY, we’ve made time for our social lives, I launched my new site, I’ve been taking on a lot of fun projects (updates soon) aaaand have been eating really good pizza and drinking delicious drinks. I have great posts lined up for this week so stay tuuuuned!

Las Vegas

We’re going to Vegas next month! Our first time visiting. What should we do|eat|see? Comment with your suggestions!

I want a terrarium!

I have this childish fascination with terrariums. So much that I can hardly spell the word terrarium. The Brick House just recently posted about DIY terrarium (photo below).

And then I stumbled across a listing on Etsy (pictured below). I love both styles. Decisions, decisions.

Do you own a terrarium? Did you buy a kit or make it yourself? Are they as magical as they seem?

Olivia, my darling.

My wonderful sister turns 13 years old today. Olivia, who is ten years younger than me, is one of the people I admire most. She has the kindest heart, a beautiful smile, and a maturity that extends beyond her thirteen years. Even though I cannot be there to celebrate with her today, I sent over a little birthday package via snail mail. A peek at what’s inside:

1) A mixed tape. Okay actually hers was a mixed CD. I don’t think she’s ever used a tape player. 2) A fun banner to hang. The banner pictured can be found here. 3) A friendship bracelet! I also included some cards from all of us here in Columbus.