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Daily Occurrences

My weekend was wonderful in the sense that it went by slow and relaxing. I cooked breakfast AND dinner on Saturday (breakfast acted as lunch too). I also finished Dan Chaon’s Await Your Reply which I highly recommend. VERY intriguing and totally threw me for a loop at the end. I finished it in 2 days so it’s an easy read. We also got to see one of our friends perform in Babes in Toyland at the Columbus Children’s Theater.

Monday Link Love

– Photo above taken by one of my best friends, Kellyn.

– I want a banquette when we finally own our own home.

– And this office chair. I’ve already tested it. It’s the best chair. Ever. Best. Ever.

– I was so glad to see Jeni’s appear in my Google Reader! If you EVER stop through Columbus, GET JENI’S!

– New recipe to try: Inside Out Moon Pies.

– These posters are some of the most visually entertaining pieces I’ve ever seen.

– Your one stop website checklist.

– Can’t stop listening to this album.

Veggie Tales

What’s your favorite way to cook vegetables?

By the way, I really do love the Veggie Tale movies. I’m sorry if I tricked you with the title.