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I was approached by David Bushell, a designer based out of London, last month and he asked me to be a part of xheight. A portion of his email read:

The concept of “what design means to you” would mean writing about your personal theory and experience in design. Nothing practical or directly relating to projects, more on your own ethos, attitude and ideas. Perhaps centering around a particular theme. Something to make other designers think about their own practice.

And I thought, “I’m in.” I’m so looking forward to reading from all the contributors and mildly nervous about writing my own post set for April 25th. Add xheight to your blog reader and become a part of the conversion by commenting and sharing!

He Makes She Makes

My wonderful friends (Josh and Megan Cook) have created a blog! It’s called He Makes She Makes and it’s a place where they’ll share inspiration and creative loveliness. I’m so excited to see all the posts they have planned and I’d suggest you add them to your blog-reader-of-choice. Right. Now.

Today’s post about recycled design even showcases a teacup that I gave to Megan before she got married. Love it.

Plus, how adorable are their pups? (And yes, Desh is friends with them. Duh.)

One Day V.2

After many requests, I’m bringing back my wedding series, “One Day.” However–I’m still in the process of revamping the series and making it something that will keep you all interested and excited. If you recently have gotten married or are getting married (or maybe you know the perfect couple to recommend), please contact me at! Maybe you’re not even close to getting married but would like to create a dream wedding mood board? Let’s do it. Whether it’s tips, DIYs, ideas, traditions, vows or anything that made your special day unique, I want each post to be different. To read past “One Day” posts, click here. And to all my other readers, thoughts or ideas?

Photos found here and here.

I judge books by their cover

I judge books by their cover. That also goes for albums and their artwork. I pinned this image on Pinterest awhile ago and then went to the source. Commence dancing booty in my chair. It took me to Fiction Fred. I’m currently exploring the blog (by Fred, a graphic designer from Cape Town, South Africa). Listen the single here and enjoy!

Monday Link Love

– Fact: I would go camping if someone promised me that it would be like this.

– Here’s our perspective on our crazy car problems this past week. I love my husband.

– These business cards have inspired me to pass out all my old ones and re-design and print new ones.

– Awesome type via Vogue Living!

This & That caught my eye recently. So did these light fixtures.

– It’s summer time and these photos are fabulous.

– Check out these dog crates. Prettiest crates I’ve ever seen.

– For my local readers: check out Cbusr! YOU can nominate someone who lives, breathes, and contributes to all things Columbus and promotes our fair city through Twitter and other social media platforms. Also if you missed the Columbus Pride Festival, check out this video by Mike Beaumont.

– Image taken on my trip with my iPhone. I swear I saw a sea monster. Don’t you see it?

Meet : Karmen Low

This week on MEET, I’m featuring Karmen Low. Karmen is a twenty-three year old designer in Grand Rapids and is so incredibly talented. Besides talent and great design, she’s also hilarious so enjoy this interview and take a look at her site and blog!

1. At what point in your life did you know you’d be an artist? It was probably in 3rd grade when I came home from school with a note from my teacher informing my mom that on that day’s spelling test, I chose to illustrate the spelling words instead of spelling them. That summer she enrolled me in a summer art class, and I remain to this day, a horrible speller.

2. Do you have another talent/passion/hobby? I had trouble thinking of an answer to this question…I work way too much…so I’m open to suggestions as to what my new hobby should be. Just don’t say knitting. Been there, done that. It wasn’t pretty. I do enjoy photography quite a bit. It’s refreshing how you can take a picture and it’s either a good shot or a bad shot…it’s not so subjective. Here is a shot from a series I began my senior year in college. It’s been well over a year since I started it, and I really don’t know if I’ll ever feel like the series is complete…but here’s a sampling.

3. Who has been the most encouraging person in your life? It has the be the classic 3 Ps. My parents, peers and profs. My parents have really empowered me to do what I love. My peers have always been so encouraging to me, while still challenging me to grow and stretch myself.  I owe a lot to them. And my professors have spurred me on when I was doubting that I had any business being in this profession in the first place. Many many thanks to all.

4. What inspires you? Truth (with a capital T), new freelance clients, running wild, caffeine, meeting new people with unfamiliar perspectives, furniture/interior/product design, joyful collaboration with great people. There can’t be great design without great ideas.

5. What medium still intimidates you? Painting makes me shake in my boots. And wedding photography gives me cold sweats. I photographed my first (and last…) wedding this summer for a friend. Hats off to all you wedding photographers out there…you are far braver than I am. Here are some of my favorites from the weekend.

6. What artistic trend do you dislike? Grunge. Ack.

7. What has been your favorite piece of someone else’s art up until this point in your life? If I had to pick one…it would be Accession II by Eva Hesse.

8. Do you design full-time? If so- where and what has that experience been like? Right now I’m at Cornerstone University in GR as a designer. This job has challenged me in very unexpected ways. It’s broadened my knowledge base to include not only designing totally rad stuff, but also a fair amount of marketing, pre-press, strategy and branding — all in all, pretty useful stuff. I also volunteer on occasion as a masked super-villian whose sole purpose is to bring about the utter demise and annihilation of IE — one useless toolbar at a time. Or maybe that would make me a super-hero…

9. Do you think you have a specific style? What is that style and do you see yourself evolving out of that anytime soon? Well, first, I’m a serial dabbler. My job and degree are for graphic design, but I also do a lot of photography and web stuff on the side. When it comes to design, I’m completely gaga for design that makes you slap yourself in the forehead and say “why didn’t I think of that?” I don’t get to see/do that very much in my day-to-day groove, so when I do, it’s a treat.

My preference always seems to lean towards the simple, thoughtful, crafted, minimalistic, typography-driven. I truly believe in the mantra “form follows function”. Decoration can have function, but it can also detract. I always try to envision the setting in which my pieces will be experienced before I even put pen to paper. Good design is so logic-driven that if you don’t begin with the expectation of function and appropriateness, you’re kind of doomed. If you communicate what you need to say in the simplest way possible, then you’re off to a really good start.

Recent Art by Ashely

I recently helped the talented Ashely give her a blog a little facelift! I customized the theme Handgloves by adding a custom header, a contact form, a stylized background pattern, an Etsy tab, and changed the font colors. The theme, which screams Helvetica, is a great place for Ashely to post her beautiful work, sell paintings, and connect with her audience. Take a look!

Monday Link Love

Hey pals! Hope you had a great weekend. I watched snow fall and melt here in Columbus, Ohio and I can’t wait for the temperatures to reach the low 70’s this week! I have probably some of THE best links to share with you and even better posts coming your way this week. Also- I’d like to give a happy, happy birthday shout out to my mom! I wish I could be in Illinois to celebrate with her and give some hugs.

– Apartment Therapy shared a great article last week about how to work file cabinets into your decor. I hope to utilize this in our new place this summer.

– I love this project. Who says snail mail and family correspondence needs to be boring?

– An exclusive interview with Kate MccGwire. Her work is captivating.

– One of my favorite outfits yet.

– A great collection of logotypes along with some older branding.

– Getting [or just got] married?? Here’s a checklist that I used when I attempted to change my name. I was successful in all areas, but I still haven’t updated my passport!

– Two years ago when I started freelancing, this was a question that I often had. What should I include in my design contract?

– 33 letterpress business cards. Very beautiful.