It’s true. Another week has gone by and still no One Day post! It’s like I’m sleeping on the job. Next week, I promise!

Smooches, Ma.

Happy birthday, mom! If I were in Illinois right now, I’d give you a big smooch just like I was doing in this picture circa 1987. LOVE YOU!

Oh I See You.

Recent loveliness that has caught my eye.

[Ligatures found on Flickr, Edge Painted Letterpress Business Cards, Two other business cards found on Graphic-Exchange, Graphic found on Flickr, and Custom type found on We Love Typography.]

Monday Link Love

Who doesn’t love a little Mumford and Sons for their Monday morning? (or afternoon if you’re visiting from across the ocean!) I had a great weekend visiting my family in Illinois. This week I’m launching my updated portfolio site AND preparing to move for this weekend. Plus a social engagement about every evening. But HECK I’m going to blog too. You know…comments keep me motivated so be sure to leave one!

– I love this post over on Hula Seventy. Portland has double decker dress shops AND double decker grilled cheese restaurants?? I’m moving.

– What do you think of the typeface Banda?

– I love this post about bar carts (one thing I’m DEFINITELY having in our new apartment!)

– I’m also taking my Lola’s (grandmother in the Philippines) china cabinet and doing this next weekend.

– Look at this GORGEOUS church. Everything should be that beautiful.

– I found this recipe for Florida Avocado Summer Wraps. NOM. Can you overdose on avocado? Because I might.

He Makes She Makes

My wonderful friends (Josh and Megan Cook) have created a blog! It’s called He Makes She Makes and it’s a place where they’ll share inspiration and creative loveliness. I’m so excited to see all the posts they have planned and I’d suggest you add them to your blog-reader-of-choice. Right. Now.

Today’s post about recycled design even showcases a teacup that I gave to Megan before she got married. Love it.

Plus, how adorable are their pups? (And yes, Desh is friends with them. Duh.)

Well Leo, I agree.

Found here.

Sick Day

I’m calling in a sick day. I’ve been sleeping an insane amount and the doctor prescribed me four different types of medicine. No One Day post today! Check back next Wednesday…I promise to be better soon.

Photo found here.

The Only Nursery I’ve Ever Liked

I’ll be honest, I get kind of annoyed when bloggers become mommy bloggers.

Don’t get me wrong–I think becoming a mother is a wonderful, amazing thing that you can’t possible disconnect from who you are. BUT, I’m not there yet and so I have a hard time staying connected to the blog after that transition happens.

With that said, this picture represents the only nursery that I’ve ever liked. And no, I’m not pregnant. Two of my best friends are.

Monday Link Love

Happy Monday! I see rain in our forecast for the next four days so I thought I’d share another photo from Vegas. Blue skies, I miss you. Enjoy the links.

The Official Manufacturing Company is one of my new favorites. Someday I would love to work with a handful of people, closely, and create.

– A double decker dress shop?? Yes please!

Before I Die…what would you fill in?

Butter and Brass shares a few ideas for your walls…

– I made Jewel’s recipe last week and it was delicious.

– Just bought this book and this book at Border’s “We’re Bankrupt” Sale. Both hardcovers for $20 total!

Red Rock Canyon

A few of my shots from Red Rock. I loved the texture, stripes of red, the height, the cooler air, and the magnitude.

View all my Vegas photos here.