30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 12


My most recent accomplishment? I learned how to say, “No.” Not only does it help keep control in my life but it allows me to be available for things that I really want to do.

Benji’s recent accomplishment: getting his new job! He said, “My new job isn’t evil. The dragon is to show that interviews can be intimidating, but by the end of it, you may find yourself shaking hands with a dragon…or something like that.”

Carley’s recent accomplishment: boxing lessons! I’ve been wanting to try boxing lessons lately and Carley’s drawing got me excited!

Tomorrow’s challenge is to draw a comic! Should be fun. Email me at hi@allisonlehman.com by midnight tonight if you want yours included in my post!


30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 11


What was a turning point in your life? That was the challenge today! For the four of us, it was moving to a new city. I didn’t get a chance to draw mine on time. Lots of freelance work this week. (But I swear it’s drawn in my sketchbook!) The turning point in my life was moving to Columbus…but I’m glad three other wonderful people participated. For Steven, it was moving to Bend, Oregon!

For Benji, it was moving to Columbus too!

For Carley, it was deciding to move to NYC this fall!


Daily Occurrences


What have I been up to? I’ve been working a lot, I’m doing P90X (although I missed a few days during my mini birthday vacation from life), enjoyed a family visit, I’ve been appreciating the great food here in Columbus (seriously…we have really great restaurants), and of course I’ve been cuddling with two of the cutest pups ever. Oh also, I love smoothies. And Adam.

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 10


Oops. Skipped day 9 since it was in my birthday and I didn’t really spend any time at my computer. It was so nice out! Today’s challenge was to draw your favorite candy. Mine has always been Reeses Pieces (because of E.T).

Steven was thinking peanut butter and chocolate too!

Yum. Tomorrow’s challenge? Draw a turning point in your life. Should be fun to see what others come up with! Email me at hi@allisonlehman.com by midnight tonight if you want yours included on my blog.

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 8


Just the two of ours today! Mine’s Bambi. I even watched it last night (my parents got me the DVD for my birthday. Did you know that movie was made in 1942?? Crazy.). Steven‘s favorite animated character is Tommy Pickles. Love Rugrats. Tomorrow’s challenge: favorite tv show! Could be the cast, favorite character, just the name or maybe something like a house or an item that represents it. Email me by tomorrow at morning if you want yours included here on my blog. And happy mother’s day to all the lovely moms out there that read my blog.

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 7


It’s been 7 days! Today’s challenge was to draw your favorite word. Mine is rococo.

Steven likes sassafras. Benji likes radical.

Tomorrow’s challenge: favorite animated character! I suppose you can’t get TOO imaginative with this one since…it’s already drawn. If you want yours included, email it to me by midnight tonight to hi@allisonlehman.com.

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 6


Oops I’m a little late on this one. I took the day off to spend time with my family and realized about 15 minutes ago that I had forgotten to schedule this post. Anyways, here are our favorite book characters (books that aren’t movies). Mine’s my favorite book as a kid, Mandy by Julie Andrews. If it IS a movie, I’m not aware of it. Also, it’s the worst drawing of the challenge yet. I drew it in literally 2 minutes as I explained to my parents what a blog was. Love it.

Steven and Benji‘s drawings are below. How amazing is Benji’s?

Tomorrow’s challenge: favorite word. YAY! I get to draw typography! If you want your drawing included here on my blog tomorrow, email me at hi@allisonlehman.com Enjoy your weekend!