Today marks two years that I’ve been here in Columbus, Ohio and I couldn’t be happier about the city that I choose to call home. I grew up in Illinois and so Ohio never really crossed my radar until Adam got a job here before we got engaged. I’m not an expert when it comes to Ohio as a state but Columbus is exceptionally wonderful. The food culture is outstanding, it’s a city that appreciates creativity and the arts, and I still get to experience all four seasons. Win!

Happy July

Summer outtakes.

730 Day Anniversary Date

We celebrated our 730 day wedding anniversary on Monday. I started thinking of our two year anniversary in days because when people have kids, they’ll refer to their 1.5 year old as their 18-month old. I don’t really do weeks/months well so it always throws me off. And I’m bad at math so that doesn’t help. To celebrate I took a 45 minute nap at 7pm, we ate hot dogs for dinner and walked down the block for ice cream. Yeah, we’re fancy like that.

New Work

A few new pieces added to my portfolio.

Daily Occurrences

The days are pretty predictable around here. Sometimes it feels like everyone is quitting their job for something new, traveling to far off places, or having babies. Adam and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary and after two years, it feels like a bit of a haze lifted and we were able to talk about what we really want. For us, it’s staying at our jobs, spending more time in Columbus, and paying off our my student loans (ahem, Adam had a full ride scholarship so that would be MY loan). While it might not be incredibly glamorous, it’s an adventure and I’m so happy to be sharing it with him.

As for my photos, THIRD TIME’S A CHARM! I was loading the film incorrectly the first two rolls and it was starting to rain on my parade. This third roll that I shot was more of a tester roll to see if something was wrong with the camera. The socially awkward gentleman at the camera store loaded in this third roll and even rewound it when I dropped it off so we’ll see if I can handle the fourth roll all by myself. Geez, this isn’t rocket science. I even learned how to shoot on a film camera.


I love Zara. The next time I have a little money to spend, I’m going to order a few pieces. Although, shopping online never seems to work for me. And no, I don’t know why my “dots” look like “commas.”


New Blog Design

Hello pals, readers, friends and family! I’ve changed the look of my blog a bit. Now you can tweet out my posts, contact me through a contact form and hopefully comment a bit easier. I wanted something more flexible & interactive (and pretty soon I’ll be adding my portfolio to display within this site completely). Hurray for everything in one spot! My RSS feed and all that jazz stays completely the same but if you’re reading this in an RSS reader, you probably can’t see the lovely new design, eh? If you notice any kinks, mishaps or weird errors please let me know by commenting or emailing me! It’s all a work in progress. Keep your eyes out for more writing and a few fun features coming up soon.

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary!

I Like Your Type

Found on Vintage Me Oh My. Here and here.

Local Goodness

I’m currently collaborating with Rachel over at Hounds in the Kitchen. We’re creating her soon-to-be-amazing logo and for payment? Local goodness for the next five months.