Well Done, Jeni’s.

I love Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams‘ new website design. If you only visit Columbus to experience Jeni’s…it would be worth it. You can also buy pints and get them delivered to your door! My new favorite seasonal flavor is Rhubarb and Lime Cardamom Yogurt.

Daily Occurrences

A day-to-day look at what I do everyday. I go to work (not pictured) I workout, we make dinner, I sit at my messy desk and design. Oh and I get to hang out with the cutest pup ever. I have about 10 shots left on my Canon A-1. I’ll probably get the film developed on Sunday or Monday. I can’t wait to see how the roll turns out!

New Print!

I’ve created a new print that will be going in my Etsy shop soon. I’m in the process of creating work  for no one but myself. It’s pretty rad. Keep a look out for more new work within the next few weeks. This print, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, has always been one of my favorites. “Let us then be up & doing with a heart for any fate.”


Mama Said.

Yesterday I had one of those days. Hoping today is better!

It Ain’t Free, YO!

It’s true. It ain’t. These shirts (and prints) were created by Mikey Burton and Cranky Pressman. Can’t wait to get ahold of one of those tees.

There’s A Horse On My Wall

I’ve been really drawn towards horse-related-art lately. Kind of odd since I don’t necessarily like horses. I took a horse back riding class in college and it wasn’t my favorite experience at the time. Photos found here and here.

It Doesn’t Have To Be That Complicated

Work by Julian Bialowas. You can buy them as prints here.

New Toy

Time to order some film! Any recs?

Girl Crush: Kate Winslet

Kate has a new look (top, left) and I love it! Always have loved the characters she has portrayed and she always seems like a classy lady.