Monday Link Love

This week’s Monday Link Love is food focused. I’m well aware that our summers here in Ohio last HALF the time our winters stick around, so in a way I’m trying* to soak up all the hot, sunny weekends while they last. (* I say trying because I freaking LOVE autumn!)

May Your Weekend Be…

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Current Wishlist

My current wishlist includes: (1) Batik Salad Serving Set, (2) Soho Round Beverage Cart, (3) Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet, (4) Chemex Coffeemaker, (5) Fuji Finepix X100 Digital Camera, (6) Steel frame dishrack, (7) Fhi hair dryer

What’s on your wishlist? And do you wait for someone to buy the things for you or splurge every now and then?


Design Crush: Face

All work by Face – based in Monterrey, Mexico. Check out their work here.

Daily Occurrences

It was a relaxing weekend here in Columbus. I walked around our apartment and took a few random shots. My makeup being left out on the sink, Desh’s toys (intact and destroyed) covering our rug, my two film cameras sitting in the bag, homemade huevos rancheros (OMG YUM), and our bed…that we probably make once a month. [all photos shot on my Canon DSLR]

Monday Link Love

My three most favorite things on the internet lately:

  1. ONE IOTA’s work for a local grocer.
  2. I loved reading why Annie likes shooting film.
  3. Weekly “Music Night.” I think Adam and I will start doing this.

An Afternoon Out

A wonderful weekend afternoon with Janine. Thrifting + taco truck!

What are you favorite things to do on a weekend afternoon?

Cy, You Make Me Sigh

Cy Twombly, an American artist, passed away at the beginning of last month. The news saddened me and memories flooded back to when I first discovered this magical painter that (for the first time in my life) seemed to create pieces that connected so well to my heart. To many that may seem silly but there are artists out there that changed my view of composition and technique. So for that, I thank you Cy.

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A Portrait

I was able to snap a few shots of Kelly last weekend. Shot on my Canon DSLR. I’m itching to shoot some portraits on film. Any lovely locals want to volunteer?


Design Crush: PTARMAK

I love the work of Ptarmak – based in Austin. Check out their blog here.