Daily Occurrences

I’ve been spending a lot more time in the kitchen. And enjoying coffee from the french press. Any recently new favorite recipes?

Current Wishlist

I have many wishlists. I have one on Amazon, one on Pinterest, a wishlist tag in Evernote + various other materialistic ways in which I track all my ‘wants.’ The thing is, I don’t shop very much. Most of the things that I want, I’ll never have. But somehow, making a list or compiling those things allow me to feel like I’m buying them…and then I’m over it. Sometimes I’ll go onto Amazon, fill up my shopping cart and then click out of my browser. It’s my faux shopping method. Most of my additional/extra income goes towards Apple products or eating out. How do you spend your money?


Free Fonts, Please!

Choosing a typeface is a critical step in design. If I’m not creating a custom typeface, I usually spend a lot of time researching which ones I want to use. As a freelance designer, I do invest in typefaces. And when they’re offered for free, I donate a sum of money to the designer. I know how much work goes into the creation of an entire typeface and they deserve recognition and/or payment.

With that being said, I do feel that the general public needs more exposure to fonts other than the ones that come pre-loaded on their PC. I’ve created a list of some of my favorite resources for free fonts. I’m not saying that they’re all amazing but that’s why experimenting is fun! Here are some tutorials on loading new fonts to your Mac or PC.

  1. The League of Moveable Type
  2. My Fonts
  3. Font Fabric
  4. Lost Type Co-Op
  5. Web Design Ledger
  6. Miss Design
  7. Free* Typography
  8. Behance Network
Obviously I’m sure I’ve only skimmed the surface on free font resources so if you have some other favorite sites, please feel free to let us know in a comment!

Monday Link Love

Now that the 30 Day Photo Challenge is over, I’m excited to get back to regular blogging. This is my 50th Monday Link Love and I’m excited to be sharing some fun content from The Internets.

  1. Don’t Fear the Internet. While this isn’t new, I still wanted to share. It’s basic HTML & CSS for non-web designers (a collaboration project from Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer). The videos are amazing, make sense and I would encourage everyone to watch them.
  2. Seven Eras of Willem de Kooning. Willem de Kooning is my favorite artist, ever. The New York Times offers audio to listen to while discovering the many works and styles of the painter.
  3. Helvetica Cookie Cutters. While I’m not the biggest Helvetica fan…I wouldn’t mind making alphabet cookies with these cookie cutters (made by Beverly Hsu). I would definitely make them for the holidays.
I hope your Monday is off to a great start. I’m off today for Columbus Day so I’m working on freelance projects and enjoying the warm weather while it lasts. Check back this week for some great posts on free font resources, some updates on my freelance business, my current wishlist + more.

Columbus Museum of Art

I recently spent an afternoon at the Columbus Museum of Art with my grandmother and Adam. It was my first visit and I really enjoyed it. While being a smaller museum, the quality of work and themed rooms really made the visit unique. My favorite pieces were those of Dale Nichols (top image: with his insanely smooth brushstrokes), Agnes Martin (middle image: I’ve always been a fan of hers), and William Wegman (bottom image: most known for his photography, he had one of those postcard pieces displayed). Do you enjoy art museums? I get a rush while walking through but I know it’s not everyone’s favorite past time.


Even though the majority of my trip was spent on Nantucket, I was able to spend an afternoon in Boston! Kellyn and I took the ferry/bus back to Boston on Thursday and I was able to see a bit of the city. The highlights: finally meeting Rachael (and her beautiful baby girl), eating oysters, traveling with Kellyn, and all the lovely shops we visited. I hope to return for a longer trip with Adam soon. What’s your favorite city? Mine is a tie between London and NYC. I definitely need to spend more time on the west coast. It deserves a chance too!


Last week I ventured out to Nantucket to visit one of my best friends, Kellyn. It’s absolutely gorgeous out there and I was treated to sunny, 70 degree weather. After leaving, I realized that I could easily get used to living right on the beach, living without allergies, and eating seafood every day. View more photos here.

#30dayphoto : Let’s Break It Down

I love stats. I thought it was pretty interesting to break some of the details down. Especially the fact that there were WAY more dog photos than cat photos. (GO DOGS!) When compiling all the information, I excluded myself from all the totals and only used data from the submissions that made it into the daily posts on MY blog. Obviously, I know that a lot of you posted to your own blog and maybe even finished the challenge successfully but it would be way too much work to incorporate all of that data.

These are the 5 participants that submitted a photo EVERY DAY for 30 days to MY blog:

  1. Cobi – Columbus, OH
  2. Jon – Austin, MN
  3. Josh – Indianapolis, IN
  4. Megan – Indianapolis, IN
  5. Melissa – Columbus, OH
The day that received the MOST submissions was Day 5 (Whatever You Want with 35 photos) and the two days that received the LEAST submissions were Days 25 & 26 (Whatever You Want & Playing With Shadows with 14 photos each). Overall, I thought the challenge was amazingly successful and I was blown away each day at the quality and talent. Compiling and creating each day was a lot of work and I really had no idea it would take me about 1.5 hours/day to host. I think it was worth it. I have plans to host a few more smaller photo challenges in the future. You can view all of the days here or click on the sidebar button “The Challenges.”
In order to make the challenges even better, I’d appreciate it if you would take this 10 question survey. Feel free to take it even if you didn’t participate in the challenge and just enjoyed visiting the blog to see others’ work. I know a few of you on Twitter expressed interest in future challenges.