#30dayphoto : Day 17

Who knew street lights could be so gorgeous? Loved the interpretations and the contrast of the day/night shots. Which ones are your favorites?

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Tomorrow’s challenge: depicting emotion! I think of all the days, I’m most excited about this one. I love photographing landscape, objects, architecture, etc but none of that can really compare to photographing human emotion. I look forward to seeing all your posts! Please send by 2pm EST tomorrow (so you have a LOT of time to shoot…almost 26 hours!) The post will be up a little later than today’s since I have lunch plans.

#30dayphoto : Day 16

Experimenting with light is one of my favorite photo exercises. I love the variety of light sources in this set and it makes me even more excited for a shorter photo challenge this fall/winter where we can learn about settings, time of day, cameras, etc. Which ones are your favorite?

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Tomorrow’s challenge: street lights. This, to me, is one of the most specific challenges of the month but I’ll be interested to see how you all incorporate street lights into your shot (whether it’s the main focal point or in the horizon). Submit by 12pm EST tomorrow since it’s the weekend!


Igloo Letterpress

I recently spent a morning at Igloo Letterpress in Worthington, Ohio. My friend Erika had heard about their Saturday morning drop-in classes and suggested that we go! Along with Jess & Janine, we spent our time learning and making custom stationery. If you’re ever in the area, I would strongly suggest stopping by! Allison, the owner, is wonderful and has added a really spectacular place to the Columbus area. I’ll be debuting my custom stationery in October when I create my “snail mail challenge!”

#30dayphoto : Day 15

We’re halfway into the 30 Day Photo Challenge, pals! The first week felt really slow to me but the second week-ish has gone by really quickly. How are you all feeling about it? Burnt out yet? I can definitely say (since I shot the challenge a month prior on film) that it takes a lot out of you. I haven’t been taking nearly as many photos this month as I did when I was daily shooting for the challenge. I love the variation on these “whatever you want” days. Which ones are your favorite?

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Tomorrow’s challenge is : experimenting with light. This can be however you interpret it. It can be experimenting with your camera settings and how it interacts with light, the specific type of light, or maybe even movement with light. No rules! Just submit them by 9am EST!

East Coast Bound

At the end of September, I’ll be making a trip out to Massachusetts! I’ve been to Cape Cod and Provincetown but this time I’ll be visiting Nantucket and Boston to see Kellyn. I can hardly contain my excitement. If you’re interested in the print I posted above, I found it here.

#30dayphoto : Day 14

Today’s challenge was all about eyes. Focusing on eyes (to me) can take on a few meanings. I think this variety did a great job covering all interpretations and I’m glad a couple animals got added to the mix.. Also, I had someone ask if I’d ever consider placing the photos one after the other so that each photo gets the same amount of space. I completely understand this idea and it makes sense but for the aesthetic of my blog, I like to keep it as a collage format. I also like that my readers (no matter what the size of their computer screen) can see a portrait photograph in full and will never have to scroll. I hope that none of you have been offended if your photo has been sized down or placed next to another photo. I definitely encourage you to post your photos to this Flickr group so that you can include additional information (including camera type, location, etc).

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Tomorrow’s challenge: anything you want! These are always fun. Please submit by 9am EST tomorrow.

*I’ve also added a little badge to the sidebar so that you can easily access the 30 Day Photo Challenge list (this will change once a new challenge is started). If you don’t see it…refresh or clear your cache.

Portrait Session: Sarah Storer

I got to snap some pictures of Sarah Storer (aka The Naked Redhead) last weekend. She’s a natural in front of the camera and too pretty for words so it was a piece of cake. The shots above are taken with my Canon DSLR (edited in Photoshop). The film shots are below, not edited. Do you have a preference? My friend Jess recently wrote a blog post about digital vs. film. Give it a read.

Daily Occurrences

Hi pals! I’ve actually really missed regular blogging during this 30 Day Photo Challenge caraaaaziness. It’s been SO fun so far but it is a lot of work and I haven’t been able to share what’s been going on or what I’ve been finding on The Internets. Here’s a visual update.

Gorgeous sunsets | Desh working hard on my laptop (HA!) | Dinners out with friends | Minted by Revlon before autumn | Time with my honey | Photo shoots | Me being awesome | Designing A LOT 

#30dayphoto : Day 13

This challenge was to submit a photo edit that you like. It could be of a recent photo you’ve snapped or perhaps an old one you’ve always been proud of. My photo (very top) is a shot I took on my Pentax K1000 last weekend. I added some touches of vibrant color and I really, really love it. It’s like that last glimmer of summer before fall hits. I usually keep my photos pretty normal, maybe a few tweaks here and there but I wanted to play with color for this challenge. How do you feel about editing photos? Do you feel like it enhances it for the better? Or the worse? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Tomorrow’s challenge: focusing on eyes. Submit your photos by 9AM tomorrow!

#30dayphoto : Day 12

This challenge is never about numbers, but dang! Only 18 submissions besides my own. I had a feeling that I would see a smaller number of submissions since this post really required you to take photos the day before or the day of. For the record, I have no problem with pulling from old photos to submit but I did always hope that people would use this challenge to actually be out there shooting each day. After talking to a few of the participants, I think I’ll be holding another shorter challenge in November that will focus on shooting real-time and sharing more details about the shot (what type of camera, where, what time of day, maybe even settings). Thoughts?

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Tomorrow’s challenge: a photo edit you like. This includes ANY photo you’ve touched up in Photoshop or any other photo editing software. Again, I encourage shooting real time but it can be an old photo. Please do not use any words or text.