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#NOPHO Week 4 : Negative Space

Week 4 : Negative Space. It’s my favorite week of the entire challenge. I loved seeing the interpretation and composition of each submission. I was glad to FINALLY shoot with film (weeks 1-3 I shot with my digital camera). My favorite from this week is Candace’s. AMAZING.

I can’t believe the #NOPHO challenge is over!! Can you? I’m planning to host a camera phone photo challenge in February so keep your eyes out for information! I’m not the biggest fan of camera photo photography but a lot of the phones have pretty amazing cameras now. I regularly use my iPhone to capture funny moments or places where it’s too inconvenient to carry around my heavier cameras. What are your thoughts on the camera phone photo challenge idea?

As for the winner of THIS challenge…I will hand over the reigns to Dabito and have him choose! I will announce the winner here on my blog next Wednesday. In order to be chosen, you must have submitted each week (four total photos). All four of your submissions will be considered. Along with the winner, I will also share some stats via an infographic (since I love making them). Thanks to all who submitted! I will be sending you a short survey soon. XO

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Kodak Ektar 100

Shots from my roll of Kodak Ektar 100. First time using the film AND using the Minolta SR-201. I definitely love the combo. Will be excited to try the Ektar in another camera and get my roll of Fuji 400 developed from the Minolta.

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Thanksgiving Giveaway Winners

Thanks to random.org, we have two winners! Congrats to Robyn and Sarah for winning my Thanksgiving Giveaway! Robyn won my “Too Legit to Quit” print and Sarah won my “For Any Fate Print!” Thank you all for entering. I really loved reading everyones’ favorite quotes so I thought I would share the winners’ favorite quotes below:

“Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.” -Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five

“Never complain, never explain.”

If you didn’t win, you can always buy one of the prints here in my shop. Prices have been reduced for the holiday season. Also, I will be hosting another giveaway before the new year so check back every so often!

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Monday Link Love

I know it’s not December yet…but the Christmas season starts in November for me. Basically around Halloween. Don’t hate. Anyways, I thought I’d start sharing some of my favorite festive Internet finds:

  1. Anthropologie’s gift wrap + tags are so lovely. I’ll admit it–I do an awful job at gift wrapping. I want my presents to be pretty this year while trying to keep down the waste! Maybe fabric and recycled paper.
  2. Throwing a cocktail party? You can make these amazing invites.
  3. I LOVE that Bri sent these little gifts to her clients this year. I’ve never thought to do this but I may have to soon.
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#NOPHO Week 3 : Elegant

#NOPHO Week 3! The theme was “elegant.” I really loved this week – a lot of simplicity and the use of natural subjects. Even the colors are very elegant. I don’t know if I can choose a favorite! What are yours?

Next week’s theme is “negative space” and is due by Sunday at 8pm EST! Submit here. Can you believe it’s the last week of the challenge?

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Thanksgiving Giveaway!

In honor of Thanksgiving, I’d like to say THANK YOU to all who read my blog and leave sweet comments. When I started blogging back in 2009, I vowed to only blog because I loved it. Not because of sponsors, money, statistics, or self-promotion. I feel proud to say that I’ve kept that promise to myself. To me, blogging never feels like a chore or an obligation. As a big, fat THANK YOU…I’m giving away two of my prints!

My “Too Legit” and “For Any Fate” are sold in my shop for $25 each. You should probably enter the giveaway so that you can snag one for free. To enter:

Comment below with your favorite quote (could be from a song, poem, quote from someone special, etc) and then indicate which print you would like to win!

You have until Sunday, November 27th at midnight EST to enter! On Monday, November 28th, I’ll pick two winners via random.org and announce them here on my blog! Share with all and have a happy Tuesday.

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Monday Link Love

Today’s Monday Link Love is dedicated to buying handmade (or vintage) on Etsy. Christmas is coming up and in order to get your items shipped in time…I thought I’d get a head start on helping you with your list! I’ve selected six shops to highlight based on their products! Click the images to go directly to the shop. Enjoy.







Happy shopping!