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Vardagen Giveaway Winner

Congrats, Becca! You’ve won yourself one of these red ugly Christmas sweater shirts from Vardagen! I hope you can wear it to a million festive Christmas parties this year. I’ll be emailing you to get your size and mailing address! Thanks to ALL who entered. I wish I could give all 65 of you a shirt. Maybe someday when I’m a gazillionaire. But seriously, you should still support Vardagen and order your own shirt today!

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Collaboration Sensation

We recently wrapped up a project for Betty’s Columbus 10th Anniversary where I was able to work with some AMAZINGLY talented people. Because of so many peoples’ effort, talents, and generosity we created this amazing calendar. I recently realized that I don’t post a lot about design here on my blog as much. I want that to change!

Styling by Elizabeth Solinger. Photography by Ryan Monroe. Art direction by Barbara Eicke. All models are employees of Betty’s.

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#NOPHO Winner!

I’m happy to announce that Jon Schelander-Pugh is the winner of the November Photo Challenge! Congrats, Jon! I thought I would share a few words from our judge, Dabito, about his choice:

My oh my was it tough to choose. Well, my favorite is definitely from Jon Week 4. I love the quiet, fleeting moment of those dainty ducks swimming across the pond. The tones are perfect. It’s a beautiful photo and great use of negative space.

Personally, I loved all of Jon’s photos (which were all shot in film) and am very excited to be sending him a Diana+ camera as his well deserved prize. Overall, I thought this photo contest was extremely fun and do-able compared to a 30 Day Photo Challenge. Below are a few stats from the challenge that I hope you enjoy! Be on the look out for another photo challenge after the new year.

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Life has been busy. Last night I literally said, “I NEED MORE HOURS IN THE DAY!” and I even woke up with my alarm. What the heck? The great thing is that I’ve been trying to be more balanced. I’ve been making time to work out (until I got sick for a whole week!), seeing friends, being romanced by Adam, enjoying the Christmas season and visiting family. So at the end of the day, I don’t really regret anything.

Things I’ve been loving lately:

  • Mindy Kaling’s new book. IT FINALLY CAME!
  • My new iPhone4s Case. Seriously, it’s awesome. And I love white cases.
  • Every restaurant in the Columbus Food League.
  • Teamlab for my project management system.
  • My newest giveaway. UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER SHIRTS!
  • All the AMAZING series and features that I’m scheduling for the blog. Interviews, city guides, wedding features, and MORE.
Check back tomorrow for the announcement of the November Photo Challenge winner (chosen by the amazing Dabito from Old Brand New!)
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Vardagen Ugly Christmas Shirt Giveaway

Ugly Christmas sweaters are always in high demand this time of the year. They itch, hold in your stinky sweat, and don’t look THAT great on you (just being honest). What to do? That’s where Vardagen comes in!

Vardagen is a clothing company in Indianapolis that specializes in design and hand-printed apparel. The company is passionate about helping others, working with local artists, and providing quality products. The name Vardagen is the Swedish word for “everyday.”

Their amazingly clever and comfortable ugly Christmas sweater tees are your alternative this season. And guess what? You can win one of their ugly Christmas sweater shirts here on my blog!

In order to enter, please head on over and LIKE their Facebook page. Then come back here and comment and tell me which ugly Christmas sweater shirt is your favorite (there are 5 to choose from here on their site). You have until this Thursday at 11:59 PM EST to enter. I will announce the winner on Friday, December 9th! Good luck!

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Feel Like Shopping?

It’s easy in the “blog world” to get overwhelmed or put off by the amount of materialistic posts. I never want my readers to feel like that but I DO love sharing deals, fun shops, and supporting companies that I trust. I hate malls but I do love to go shopping. Adam and I budget every month and are on track towards becoming debt-free so I’m not indulging myself every time I get the itch to shop. Here are a few ways in which I curb that desire to drop my hard earned cash:

  1. Online window shop. Seriously. I’ll fill up my cart after I carefully peruse my favorite online shops. Once I’m done…I click out of the tab. Nothing bought but yet I sort of feel like I did. Yes I am a dork.
  2. BLOG! Seriously, blogging about all the stuff I want actually helps. I’m able to share what’s currently caught my eye and hopefully you all will buy the stuff so I can’t!
  3. Fab.com! With Fab, you can gain enough credits that you don’t really need to pay for anything besides shipping. Through referrals and my referrals actually buying things, I’ve accumulated $185 and purchased over 16 different things including tshirts, prints, gifts, and magazine subscriptions.
  4. When I do finally save up for something on my wishlist, I usually turn to Amazon or Etsy. Amazon is great for things like books, 35 mm film, or household appliances. For everything else, Etsy has my #1 vote. Shops like SheTigerVintage and Pamplemouss offer vintage and handmade loveliness to set you apart from everyone else. Shopping local is also key. Support your community.
Other tips on overcoming that shopping desire?
  • Avoid Target. Okay…I literally spend $100 every time I go into that store!
  • Keep wishlists. It helps you sit on it for awhile and not impulse buy.
  • Know someone that can knit? Make home decor? Consider trading during the holidays.
  • Unsubscribe to all those “deal” site emails. Seriously. It’s just temptation you don’t need.
  • SAVE. Want that awesome shirt? Save for it. It makes you a better person. I don’t have proof, but it does.
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#NOPHO Week 4 : Negative Space

Week 4 : Negative Space. It’s my favorite week of the entire challenge. I loved seeing the interpretation and composition of each submission. I was glad to FINALLY shoot with film (weeks 1-3 I shot with my digital camera). My favorite from this week is Candace’s. AMAZING.

I can’t believe the #NOPHO challenge is over!! Can you? I’m planning to host a camera phone photo challenge in February so keep your eyes out for information! I’m not the biggest fan of camera photo photography but a lot of the phones have pretty amazing cameras now. I regularly use my iPhone to capture funny moments or places where it’s too inconvenient to carry around my heavier cameras. What are your thoughts on the camera phone photo challenge idea?

As for the winner of THIS challenge…I will hand over the reigns to Dabito and have him choose! I will announce the winner here on my blog next Wednesday. In order to be chosen, you must have submitted each week (four total photos). All four of your submissions will be considered. Along with the winner, I will also share some stats via an infographic (since I love making them). Thanks to all who submitted! I will be sending you a short survey soon. XO

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Kodak Ektar 100

Shots from my roll of Kodak Ektar 100. First time using the film AND using the Minolta SR-201. I definitely love the combo. Will be excited to try the Ektar in another camera and get my roll of Fuji 400 developed from the Minolta.