State of The Capsule

At the end of the summer of 2013, I decided to do the whole “capsule wardrobe thing.” It was starting to become more mainstream, but nothing like it is now. I originally fell in love with the concept after I discovered Into Mind. I used her approach but customized it to my needs/mindset/brain. You can read my post about how I first simplified my wardrobe here.

I transitioned into the summer of 2014 without a plan but still kept my entire wardrobe under 20 items. I am a creature of outfit habit. I can wear the same thing every day and (if it makes me feel good) not care. When I look back on last summer, however, I can’t think of a single item that I really love(d). When we went to Vegas in September, I felt even more frustrated and realized that I lacked focus. I lacked so much focus that I ended up buying floral Birkenstock-style sandals because I literally didn’t have a sandal or summer shoe of any kind. I purchased a lot of trendy crap that leaves me (now) rolling my eyes. Hard.

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Thoughts from an Introvert


Currently trying to work through:

  1. How much time to spend with people before they become a client. 15 minutes on the phone seems too short, an hour in-person is exhausting.
  2. How to spend time by myself without it being centered around my phone or a bright screen. And not feeling guilty when that’s sometimes what I want to do.
  3. And to add to that: knowing the difference between activities that temporarily relax me and ones that actually fill me up.
  4. Scheduling time or days off when we schedule multiple jam sessions in one week. And remembering that I shouldn’t schedule social activities the night of a jam session. 12+ hours of socialization doesn’t work.
  5. That presenting design work is a form of vulnerability and can leave me feeling alive but also tired.
  6. Compromise with my co-worker/husband and I can’t just be a hermit. Even when it’s so cold.

PS: I wrote an ebook about introversion while also being a professional/girl boss. We also have an Instagram. #introvertsunite


Food Prep


Last week’s (and next week’s) food prep will be a little different for me. I’m at my parents’ house for over two weeks with my younger sister (who has 3 autoimmune diseases and is limited in her diet). Thankfully, my mom stocked up on all the ingredients we both normally use (nuts, grain-free flours, produce, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, honey, palm shortening, coconut oil, coconut aminos, etc). I also arrived to find a lot of grass-fed or organic meats in the freezer. The best surprise? An order of Capello’s grain-free pasta. It’s super expensive so I never buy it for myself but it’s always a nice treat when I spend time at home with my sister.

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Working With Your Spouse


Adam and I started working together full-time in May of 2013. At that point, we had been married for four years and we had both been working from home. The first year was hard. Suddenly we were solely responsible for 100% of our income. We had to communicate more than ever. I’m an introvert. He’s an extrovert. He’s easily distracted. I can focus to the point where I isolate/ignore others. We had months where we made more than enough money. The next month would be really tight. We had no processes and honestly…not many goals. If your goal is just “to survive,” then it’s not specific enough.

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Annual Retreat (of sorts)


Every year I visit my hometown to stay with my sister while my parents are in Hawaii. It’s a long visit and it seems to always come at the perfect time. I’m not sure why but I tend to flee “real life” and use this time to regroup. I have a huge kitchen, weeks without in-person meetings and we usually get snowed in.

Adam and I tried to make a list of all the reasons why we love this trip. It’s not glamorous or a vacation by any means but we found ourselves almost giddy to leave last week.

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Weekly Food Prep


A LOT of you shared that you were interested in hearing more about healthy eating, wellness and keeping a balanced life (in midst of a chaos). I was excited because it’s something very close to my heart and easy to talk about it. In case you’re new here, you can read why I went gluten-free here. And later why I chose to cook grain-free at home.

For the past few months, I’ve been real hit or miss. Either I’m eating out 24/7 (Chipotle, french fries, salads to-go, lots of Indian food) or I’m eating pretty clean. I define “eating clean” as eating food that’s not processed and if it is…I can at least pronounce or identify its ingredients.

Starting next month, I’ll be sharing my meal prep recaps towards the end of the weeks in hopes that it’s helpful if any of you like to prep over the weekend. I figured I’d share the first one today to see what else you’d like to see/questions you have!

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The other night I started watching this movie called The Women. Like I always do, I looked it up on Wikipedia and learned that it’s a remake of a film from the 1930’s. It follows a group of friends in NYC and touches on independence, infidelity, finding happiness in yourself + much more. Interestingly enough, not a single man appears in the movie. Not even an extra. It’s not a good movie, but something about it struck me. [Spoilers come next…if you care then you really need to chill out because this came out in 2008 and has a 13% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.]

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Current Reads – January 2015


After we welcomed in the new year, I vowed to read a book per week. While I’m chuckling to myself now, I do think I’ll be able to read two books this month. It took five years to kill my attention span. I mostly blame social media. How long will it take to get it back? Hopefully not another five years.

It feels a little weird to be reading two books and neither of them are fiction. I’m usually strictly a fiction kind of person. Not just any fiction but usually dark, creep and serious fiction. So far, my thoughts on each:

  • Yes Please is funny but not as funny as Tina Fey’s book (so far and my opinion) but it does make me love Amy Poehler a lot. Maybe I’ll finally binge watch Parks and Rec before winter ends. She speaks to having children a bit later and being a working, successful mom. I like that.
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is really worth all the hype. I’m excited to take the methods that Marie shares and implement them after we get done traveling next month. It’s a big committment upfront but she claims you’ll never relapse to being messy if you do it correctly. If it works for me, then pigs will also be flying.

Do you have reading goals or do you just naturally read without any needed motivation?


A Because-I-Love-You Giveaway


New year, new look! Thought I’d kick off the new design with a giveaway because I love you all. I really want to use this space to work on personal design work, experiment with photography, live some great adventures and share it all here. I compiled a list of all my favorite items and things I use pretty much every day. ONE lucky winner will receive:

  • Robert Mason long handled tote – $299.99
  • 2 Brim Papery Boss B*tch mugs (one for a friend!) – $40.00
  • Nitore We Bé All Night tee in grey – $23.99
  • JRJ‘s Must Have Trio of polish + a quick dry top coat – $37.00
  • BOSS pencils

The only thing you need to do to enter is to comment with what you’d like to see me blog about in 2015! Be as specific or vague as you’d like. AND there are lots of other ways to add more entries to your name! Good luck! Can’t wait to see who wins!

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*unfortunately due to shipping costs, this is only open to those in the U.S. Someday when I’m rollin’ in cash money, I’ll ship presents to everyone overseas 24/7

Circles Are Better Than Squares

Lately, I’ve been experiencing dark circles under my eyes. I suppose it’s from something that I’m not doing. I’m not working out regularly, but I’m eating fairly well. I’m getting a decent amount of sleep, but I also never see the sun. Not a lot of sinus issues or allergies. I suppose it comes with age so I picked up an eye cream that was rated well on Sephora. It makes my eyes water which sort of freaks me out.

Using eye cream is like eating local honey for allergies. There’s literally a 50/50 chance that it will work. For every article that states local honey works…there’s another that says it’s total BS. There’s absolutely no incentive to do this every day. No instant gratification.

So I’ll keep you posted unless some of you have any suggestions. And until I see any improvement, I’ll share my favorite concealers soon.