NYC, The Third Day








The weather spoiled us on our third day in New York City. 70′s and sunny throughout the entire day. I had spent the night prior working on a client project until pretty late so we woke up super rushed and off to my blowout appointment at DreamDry in Manhattan. I love DreamDry over DryBar for a few reasons and one of them is the fact that they just have a lot more styles to offer! I got the “polished Stevie” and I’m not exaggerating when I say it lasted up to 3 days. Those waves just wouldn’t quit!

We traipsed around Manhattan for the rest of the afternoon. We hit up Zara, Uniqlo and snagged Adam a new watch. It’s a tradition dating back to our honeymoon! I bought Adam an awesome (tax-free) watch on our way to Florida and now we add to his collection every trip.

By 4pm, we headed back to the apartment for a quick nap and to drop off our bags before snapping photos + grabbing dinner with Lindsay and her main squeeze Aaron at Alma. We waited patiently over drinks for a rooftop table and as you can see from the last picture, we conquered!



NYC, The Second Day




Our second day in New York City was…drenched. It rained all day and the wind was quite impressive. Read: my hair instantly turned into a nest of frizz. We had a few meetings in Little Italy and so we ducked into Oro Bakery & Bar for some warm drinks while the guys drooled over their pretzel bagels (yes, I was jealous). This pretzel bagel really got into their head and for the remainder of the trip they would duck into bakeries across the city seeking something similar. No luck.

We were able to meet with Stephen from Skillshare. We love Skillshare’s mission + their desire to share while supporting anyone who’s willing to learn. The rest of our day consisted of the Chelsea Market (I was too busy drooling over all the food to shoot photos) and headed back to Brooklyn to tend to client work. The rain really put a buzzkill on our shooting plans but we knew sun was in the forecast.

This trip was the most stressful when it came to juggling client deadlines while also shooting and exploring the city. I see such a shift happening in The Wonder Jam’s day-to-day lives as we finish up the first half of 2014. I’m working on co-writing a book (!!) and we’ll be launching some online resources by the end of the year. “Making money while we sleep.” That’s the goal.


NYC, The First Day





Long time, no talk! We had been in NYC since last Thursday and arrived back in Columbus late Monday. Yesterday I spent the day catching up on email + client work but I thought I would break up each day in NYC and give them each their own post. I took enough pictures to share!

After a flight delay, we got into NYC around 4pm and headed straight to our Airbnb in Red Hook. I wasn’t familiar with this part of Brooklyn but I always love getting to know new neighborhoods when we travel. Photos to come later! After dropping off our bags, we snagged an Uber taxi and headed to East Village to meet Dabito for ice cream at Van Leeuwen. Pistachio ice cream is my jam (FYI).

We later found tacos (I ate way too much corn on this trip which left me feeling slightly like a blimp) and wandered the streets. While I wasn’t hungry at all, we had to stop by Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery because…red velvet cupcakes. If only their employees were as friendly and warm as our very own Cherbourg Bakery!

Exhausted from a day of travels, Adam and I headed back to our apartment while David scampered off to a electronic swing dance party. If only I was that cool.

Stay tuned for day 2 and how NYC gave me its own version of a blowout…


Why We Create

Andy Newman, an incredibly talented videographer, recently featured us in his new series called Why We Create. He spent three hours at our studio while we sketched, talked and shared some of our fears and excitement when it comes to owning our own business. I hope you enjoy!

I’m 27!


Today’s my birthday! I’m celebrating with good coffee, quality time with Adam not working + hopefully not too much rain.


Nashville for Death to Stock


Last weekend, Adam and I spent a few days down in Nashville for our Death to the Stock Photo roadtrip! I had been begging Adam to go back to Nashville (I had been there three times before) and I finally got him to understand just why I love it so much. I’ve decided to break down our future travels in quick-to-read format. So here we go:




Who We Met:



Where We Ate + Drank:




Where We Shopped:


We loved our time in Nashville and can’t wait to go back. Check out more stories here. Next up? NYC! 

Let’s Get Coffee. I Mean…Wine.


We made it to Friday! Instead of my usual “Let’s Get Coffee” post, I thought I’d switch it up and grab a glass of wine with you! I’ve done this a few times and it’s like a virtual date and I get to know more about you all. Here’s how we do it! You answer any of the following questions in the comment section. Mine are down at the very bottom!

  1. What’s your biggest fear?
  2. What song is stuck or playing in your head RIGHT now?
  3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  4. If you’re at a coffeeshop – what do you order? 
  5. What’s your middle name?

Here are my answers!

My biggest fear is that I’ll be arrested and found guilty of something I didn’t do.


Introvert. Big time. I’m working on a secret introvert project right now so if you want to chat or could answer a few questions, email me!

Usually I order just a black coffee but if I don’t want to sit and sip for awhile I’ll order a double macchiato (but not like Starbucks…like the real thing. Espresso and foam)

My middle name is Rose!

Looking forward to hearing from YOU! Also read the last two in this series here and here

A Day in Indianapolis







Most of the blogs that I follow are based on either coast (mainly NYC or LA) and while I tend to drool over their photos, I will always be a midwest girl. I grew up in Illinois, went to college in Indiana and now I live in Ohio. Last weekend we spent 24 hours in Indianapolis (specifically in Fountain Square) and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. I found myself distracted by all the typography, signage and the little details. Plus, New Day Meadery makes my favorite mead. I had a glass of their strawberry rhubarb alongside a plate of brie, honey and prosciutto. Quite divine.

What Do Your Friends Do?




Yesterday Adam and I were able to spend a solid two hours with our friends Josh and Megan over coffee & tea and it was good for the soul. I have known Megan since we were fourteen years old and both had an interest in art. We stayed close in college while both majoring in the arts. We painted, designed, sculpted + more.

Fast forward nine years and here we were: married, owning businesses, owning homes and yet still creating. I realized on our way back to Columbus that many of my close friends throughout my life haven’t been artists or designers. Besides Megan and my friend Kellyn, it has always been a bit scarce. I miss watching talented people create right in front of me. Less tech, more hands-on.

What do your friends do? Do you all have similar occupations or hobbies? Do you think that’s important or do you think as we get older those things don’t matter quite as much?

Studio Updates

The Wonder Jam 4

I thought I’d share a few updates on the studio! We’ve had it for almost two months and has become my favorite place to be! Not only is it a place that can bring about peace + quiet, it’s also a place where people feel comfortable and can collaborate.

The Wonder Jam 3

Our friend Danielle came over to create one of her amazing food typography creations while we worked. When it was time to be photographed, I popped over and snapped what I needed.

The Wonder Jam 2

Our other friend Tim has been using his talents to give us the most amazing custom addition! We are seriously so lucky. He just installed this shelf/standing desk up at the front. Look at that copper detailing! He also built the table (in the top photo). We found an artist on Etsy to make us that custom metal diamond.

The Wonder Jam1

Overall it’s been really amazing. We’ve stayed within our budget and it’s makes such a difference. I don’t sit in the studio feeling guilty for throwing non-existent money at unnecessary decor. My tips for someone investing in a workspace?

  • Set a budget and stick to it! It’ll never REALLY feel “finished” so take it slow.
  • Go to IKEA for lamps, rugs + frames (so cheap!)
  • Barter + trade for services or items.
  • Invite people in. Even if it’s feels out of the way! Ours doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic but we are intentional about hosting or meetings.