Three New Things

June’s 3 New Things


Happy June! I had a great weekend catching up on some personal projects + being somewhat lazy. This month is one that I’ve been looking forward to for awhile. It’s also a lighter month when it comes to work which allows us to dive into some experimental projects + focus on a few other things that usually get pushed back due to client work. We’re also going to Brooklyn for 6 days and I am so excited. When it comes to trying 3 new things, I decided to:

  1. Draw in a sketchbook daily. Whether it’s before bed, to take a break from the computer or while we’re traveling – I am to make it a daily habit. Last month I made a point to use my Wacom Intuos tablet often and now I remember why they say, “Practice makes perfect.”
  2. Organize all my makeup. I’ve never been to The Container Store before and I think it’s time I ended that streak.
  3. Track my time! I actually have no idea how many hours I work each week. I know that some weeks are insanely crazier than others but I started tracking my time before I started drafting this post and I’m up to 10 minutes already (creating the graphics, writing everything up). I use Toggl to track my time.

Do you have any fun plans this month? Are you going to try anything new? I didn’t include this in my list but I plan to celebrate summer on June 22nd and hold my own Summer Retreat for myself. I got the idea from the book The Way of the Happy Woman. It focuses on disconnecting from technology, walking, relaxing and ending the day with a big cookout. I can’t wait!

*Also, did you see my updated sidebar?

May’s 3 New Things


Hello, May! My favorite month. Mostly and only because my birthday is May 9th. And who doesn’t love their birthday?? Even when I’m old, I’ll love my birthday and all my grey hairs. May is going to be a month of business, change and growth. Here are some of the few new things I’m going to do:

  1. Host our first Haute Blog workshop here in Columbus. YIKES it’s coming up soon. How did time fly by so fast? 
  2. Convert our dining area into a co-working space. Braid Creative‘s office area serves as an inspiration.
  3. Launch a business with my husband Adam. We are scheming, creating and even hosting a launch party at the end of May. Keep your eye out!!

Any fun, different or exciting things happening for you this month?

April’s 3 New Things


It’s April Fool’s Day! This is actually one of my favorite “fake” holidays. I used to love pranking people all the time when I was a kid (and I was good at it too) and still think back fondly when April Fool’s Day rolls around. Almost every year I consider posting online that I’m pregnant (as a joke) but ultimately decide that it would be incredibly immature. But that’s what April Fool’s Day is all about!

But in all seriousness, March flew by and since we were gone for over half of the month I’m excited about all of the productivity that April will bring. I also am excited to share my 3 New Things this month:

  1. I’m going to jump back into painting. I started painting when I was a kid and actually was quite invested in it. I took private lessons, entered many competitions and can honestly say I never lost one (that’s my brag moment of the month). I want to start with acrylic since I focused so much on watercolor and oil before. 
  2. I’m determined to get better at using my Intuos4! I used it a bit last weekend while working on a project and I even felt myself improve after a few hours. I’m excited to search for some tutorials and tips. I also want to start using it when editing photos.
  3. I will master the grain-free waffle. First step: buy a waffle iron! I got a recipe from a friend last month and am sure Adam will be stoked when I finally prevail. Also, I most definitely will add some Jeni’s Ice Cream and make a sandwich.

Do you have any goals for April? It’s always such a great month weather-wise. I’m still not seeing any 60-degree temps in the upcoming forecast but I’m waiting patiently…

March’s 3 New Things

March 3 New Things

We’re traveling for half of the month of March so I decided to try 3 new things that I could do…anywhere:

  1. Practice yoga daily. Even if it’s for 10 minutes in our bedroom, on the beaches of Hawaii or attending my first ever class here in Columbus. My friend Jess inspired me to start trying it and so we’ll see what happens! Photo found on Free People’s blog. Gorgeous, isn’t it?
  2. Take unique film portraits. Even if it’s for free. I want to capture something unique and find ways to pull out peoples’ personalities. I’ll definitely be using my gorgeous sister while we’re on vacation to shoot. Photo by Simon Filip.
  3. Learn (more) code. I know HTML/CSS and can tinker around in some other stuff but I want to learn it right. My friend Janine inspired this one and I signed up for Treehouse after she raved about it.

I’ve been so unmotivated lately and I don’t know why. Just in a slump I suppose. I’m hoping these 3 new things help pull me out of it. Do you have any goals for March?

February 3 New Things


I welcome February with open arms. January flew by and was quite successful. I felt balanced and met business goals. I’m looking forward to accomplishing new ones! If you missed it, you can see my how I accomplished all 3 January goals (here, here and here). So what’s up for February? Here we go:

  1. Memorize a Pablo Neruda poem. I own a collection of his work and would love to be able to recite one by heart. 
  2. Visit NYC! This is definitely happening. I’m headed to NYC this month with Adam, Heather and Jess!
  3. Document my outfit daily (no matter how slob-like) to hopefully increase productivity. I tend to work better if I actually get dressed.

Do you have any goals for this short month? 

A Vanity


One of January’s 3 New Things was to create a vanity in our bedroom. A place where I could keep my jewelry and nail polish. A place where I could do my makeup with the help of some natural light. I was looking for a vanity desk/table for the entire month. I would either find something ugly and cheap or others that cost over $500! This past weekend my friend and I walked into one of my favorite shops down the street and THERE IT WAS. The perfect size, the perfect color and only $135! I snatched it up and brought it home. Some little details I’d love to add:

  • A round mirror
  • A cute stool or chair
  • A few pieces to help organize beauty products (on top and in the drawer)
  • Maybe a lamp?

Do you have a space that you can call your own? Sure, I have my whole house but there’s something special about this table already. More photos to follow!

January’s New Thing #2: Organize Our Closet

Each month, I choose 3 new things to do! It keeps me from flaking out on year-long goals and makes the start of each month pretty exciting and fresh! One of my things to do in January was to organize our closet! It’s a pretty large closet compared to ones we’ve had in old apartments (plus we have a whole OTHER closet that still needs tackling on the other side of the room).


Here are some shots of it BEFORE. Off season clothing thrown into milk crates, a huge cardboard box of shoes that we used when we moved into this place, and a random assortment of crappy hangers (hanging clothes we never wear).

I had a few goals in mind as I was heading to Marshall’s:

  • Buy felt hangers and only use those from now on (not only are they extremely thin but clothing won’t slip off or crease)
  • Get some type of storage system for shoes and off-season clothing
  • Find an ottoman that also can be used for storing Adam’s shoes (he has a lot!)


Four hours later, I think I did pretty well! We don’t own our townhouse so I’m never going to invest in building additional storage or knocking down any walls. The simple fixes that I aimed for really made a huge difference! I used those cloth bins to store bathing suits, shoes, lingerie, and summer-y stuff on the floor and up above. I also snagged a REALLY cheap white ottoman for about $40 and we now store a lot of Adam’s dressier shoes in there since he rarely wears them day-to-day. I got rid of so many clothes I never wear and all those cheap hangers that were creasing my silk shirts!

It’s not my dream closet but it’s MY closet and I’m pretty impressed with the improvement! What about you? Have you organized or simplified this year at all?

January’s 3 New Things


Happy New Year, loves! I thought about posting last week and yesterday too but decided to wait until January 1st to post my 3 new things! I started this series to better tackle trying new things and to list goals. There’s something quite daunting about making a resolution for an entire year. We all change and evolve day-to-day…why confine ourselves to something over a 12 month period? I definitely do have goals for 2013 but they are more directly tied to my business/finances. I won’t bore you with the details. So here are 3 things for January:

  1. Create a Calendar for Correspondence + Care Packages: In 2012, I realize how much I love stationery, sending mail and receiving it as well! I downloaded this sheet to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates. It’ll help me plan ahead and make sure I actually ship everything off in time.
  2. Organize Our Closets: We have pretty large closets in our new townhouse and since moving in…we’ve just been throwing things around and shutting the door. Time to clean and organize. I would love a better method to display my shoes and I’m going to snag some colorful felt hangers from Marshall’s.
  3. Create a Vanity Area: Inspired by this photo by Catherine, I decided to take advantage of our huge bedroom and create an area where I can put on my makeup, display jewelry + more! I haven’t found the perfect vanity table/mirror but I purchased this beautiful tray with an Etsy giftcard that I received for Christmas.

December’s 3 New Things update: I ended up purchasing artwork to go over our bed (still nothing hung yet), I skipped out on super creative gift wrapping (although I’m sending out some fun New Year cards) and fell in love with all of NARS lipstick.

December’s 3 New Things

December is already here but I wouldn’t know it considering today’s high is 69 degrees. (WHAT?) Honestly if it’s never going to snow here in Ohio then I’m out. I need a cold winter! I’m sure not everyone else agrees with me but I’m totally baffled and bummed by this spring-like weather. Oh well, that’s my rant. I feel officially old when I rant about the weather on the internet. On to my 3 new things for December:

  1. Choose, frame and hang artwork in our bedroom: I just got a lot of artwork custom framed for our dining area and it cost $400 (WITH a 60% discount…gaaah) so I’ll be looking for more affordable ways to spruce up our bedroom. I’m thinking of blowing up some Instagram shots or photography of mine and framing it like the photo above (source). Think: standard sizing.
  2. Get creative with our Christmas gift wrapping: I say this every year but I really want to do it this time! I’m thinking simple wrapping paper like the photo above and use ribbon/twine/thread with custom designed tags.
  3. Find the perfect lipstick: I have big lips (I cannot lie) and I’m really, really picky about my lipstick. I’ve tried Makeup Forever, Bobbi Brown, MAC and lots of other options but nothing strikes my fancy. I’m going to give NARS a shot (the matte version) and see what I like. I just have this thing where I hate trying on used tubes at Sephora. Totally grosses me out. Recs? (photo source)

So there’s my list. Nothing crazy but I think it will be fun to experiment and share as I check them off. Do you have any goals this month?

Oh and P.S!!! I sent out the Christmas City Swap emails this past weekend. I’ve had lots of you say that you received them but others either notified me that my email went to their spam folder or they didn’t receive it at all (grrr) so comment below if you signed up but didn’t receive your swapee’s information!

November’s 3 New Things

Hello, November. You are too cold right now. I’m feeling a bit better because I see that the forecast is calling for a high 40’s this weekend which is a lot better than low 30’s (when it really feels like 15 degrees!) I’m just being a baby because I was a bit too spoiled in Jamaica with all that warmth. I’m excited to try three new things this month! I also like how pretty those photos look together! So here we go:

  1. Learn how to make a really good homemade chai tea latte (without the sugar)
  2. VOTE in the presidential election (First time in Ohio! I was an Illinois resident in 2008)
  3. Make a snow globe.

My three things feel a little holiday/festive-like. I really do love having all four seasons here in the Midbest.

Any new, fun things to try out this month? I’d love to hear! Oh and also – I’ve decided to move my first ever Intro to WordPress sessions to January (December was too busy for most) so check it out!