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  • blue cheese and portobello penne with red wine

    Relish: Blue Cheese and Portobello Penne

    Not long ago my wife came home bearing a marvelous gift of blue cheese–my love language is cheese–and I began plotting how I would put it to use. It didn’t take me…

  • 004

    Relish: Maple Acorn Muffins

    In the month of October, I went about town chasing off squirrels and collecting acorns to make acorn flour after reading about it on one of my new favorite food blogs. While…

  • 004-stuffed-peppers-and-balsamic-sauce

    Roasted Stuffed Peppers with Sweet Balsamic Sauce

    When I recently stepped into the local farmers market, my eyes were treated to a feast of color. It’s amazing how many different colors—not to mention shapes, sizes, and flavors—there are of…

  • chocoloate-guinness-cake-01

    Relish: Chocolate Guinness Cake

    This is a delicious cake with a complex flavor due to the darkness of the Guinness. It’s super moist and so delicious, and the cream cheese frosting really completes it. I brought…

  • mashedPotatoPizza01

    Relish: Mashed Potato Pizza

    Relish, a food series, is hosted by guest blogger Jon Schelander-Pugh! Read more about him below this recipe! In a few cities in Minnesota, there is a pizza restaurant called Pizza Luce,…

  • 006

    Relish: Mushroom Asparagus Quiche

    This new food-inspired series is called Relish! Today’s guest blogger is Jon and you can find out how to connect with him further down at the bottom of this post! Enjoy! I…