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  • photochallenge
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    Photo Challenge Update

    I’ve decided that the 30 Day Photo Challenge will take place in September! Since I’ll be shooting film, I’m going to start tomorrow (August 1st), finish by August 30th, and post starting…

  • LaSardina
    Photography, Show


    The other day, I bought the Groupon ($20 for $50 worth of product). I began browsing and decided that I’ll be purchasing the La Sardina! I’m so excited and even found…

  • lush
    Good Goods

    Brand Spotlight

    I’ve owned my regular pair of TOMS since 2008 and they’ve held up for almost 3 years. This past weekend, I finally bought a pair of wedges and my love for TOMS…

  • Photochallenge2
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    30 Day Photo Challenge

    I recently shared my idea for a new series based on¬†challenges. I’ll definitely be partaking in the 30 Day Photo Challenge next. I would REALLY love to shoot film so I’m trying…

  • Daily

    Daily Occurrences

    Things I’ve been loving lately: Downtown Columbus, sangria, cake, sushi, and birthday parties. All photos taken on my slow, slow iPhone 3GS. HOLDING OUT FOR THE NEXT ONE!  …

  • LinkLove
    Link Love

    Monday Link Love

    Keiko Lynn’s braided ‘do tutorial is wonderful. I can’t wait until my hair gets long enough to try this. Art in the Age just introduced RHUBY! I have loved trying ROOT and…

  • Photo on 2011-07-20 at 22.56 #2

    We Need To Talk

    What a bad blogger I’ve been this week! Desh and I are here to explain ourselves a bit. (No, blogging has nothing to do with him…but he looked so cute that I…

  • tumblr_l3qezmFUDH1qbhve1o1_500

    Pool Party

    With it being so hot, all I can think about is the pool.…

  • Lake

    Weekend Recap

    No Monday Link Love today–we had a weekend at the lakehouse and I’m exhausted. How was yours?  …

  • DooDah

    Doo Dah

    I attended my first Doo DahParade this year on the 4th. It was fabulous.…