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  • FRONT_860

    New Work

    A few new pieces added to my portfolio.…

  • Daily
    Personal, Photography

    Daily Occurrences

    The days are pretty predictable around here. Sometimes it feels like everyone is quitting their job for something new, traveling to far off places, or having babies. Adam and I just celebrated…

  • Zara


    I love Zara. The next time I have a little money to spend, I’m going to order a few pieces. Although, shopping online never seems to work for me. And no, I…

  • Design

    New Blog Design

    Hello pals, readers, friends and family! I’ve changed the look of my blog a bit. Now you can tweet out my posts, contact me through a contact form and hopefully comment a…

  • localgoodness

    Local Goodness

    I’m currently collaborating with Rachel over at Hounds in the Kitchen. We’re creating her soon-to-be-amazing logo and for payment? Local goodness for the next five months.…

  • Bryan-T.-Bowie

    The Burning House

    I recently came across The Burning House and I was instantly sucked in. I clicked, read, and soaked in all the posts in one sitting. Anyone can submit their photo/illustration to depict exactly what…

  • Bracelet

    The Perfect Summer Bracelet

    It’s true, I’ve found the perfect summer bracelet. I snagged one of Kate’s lovely bracelets and I absolutely love it! Be sure to check out her blog and shop and hopefully you…