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Happy Birthday Desh!

It’s Desh’s 2nd birthday today! We celebrated by buying him a new frisbee, a raw hide bone and turning on our air conditioning. A long walk is yet to come! I think he’s gotten cuter with age but I’m biased.

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Days 26-29

Day 26: Something You’re Scared Of

Randi contributed and said…needles!

Day 27: Someone you love! I already drew Adam before I thought I’d draw Desh, my dog. He’s way cuter in real life.

Randi drew his best friend!

Day 28: Draw something you’d like. I’d like to travel.

Day 29: A place you want to go. I said I’d want to go BACK TO LONDON!

Carley said she’d love to go to Paris!

That’s the past few days! Tomorrow is THE LAST DAY OF THE CHALLENGE! Email me at anytime before noon tomorrow with your “congrats banner” for participating or finishing the challenge. Feel free to include why you didn’t finish, what you gained from it, or anything you learned throughout the process. Hope your weekends are going well :)


30 Day Drawing Challenge: #FAIL

Attention blog readers:

I totally dropped the ball with this 30 Day Drawing Challenge. I haven’t posted May 26, 27, OR 28th. I’ll be posting a compilation post tomorrow (er…today?) at 3pm EST with drawings from the past few days. SO, if you have any drawings or want to “catch up,” from the days you missed, submit them to me (email me at by 12pm EST, Sunday May 29th! I have a few from you sitting in my email inbox and I’ll be adding my own too.

Hope you’re all having a lovely, extended weekend!

Summer Eats

Grilled Pizza | Grilled Cheese Reinvented | White Fish Tacos | Summer Corn Fettuccine

One Room, Please.

I love the Pelican Hotel’s website. I think I’d love staying there even more.

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 25

Today’s challenge (although a bit late) was to draw scenery! This is what I mostly see all day…

Steven drew his view out of the airplane! How nice.

Randi drew something nice and natural!

Tomorrow’s challenge is to draw something you DON’T like. If you want yours included, email me at by 7AM EST tomorrow morning.


30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 24

Today’s challenge…draw a couple! I chose the Jetsons because I used to love that cartoon growing up.

Tomorrow’s challenge is to draw scenery. If you want your drawing included in my blog post tomorrow, email me at by midnight tonight!

Pouf Capitonne

Pouf Capitonne by De Padova. Found here.


30 Day Drawing Challenge: Days 21-23

Oops. I failed the challenge. Here are the last drawings all combined into one. I was out of town visiting family and friends (and having a wonderful time). So while it’s an excuse, that is life.

Tomorrow’s challenge is to draw a couple. Whatever that means? If you want your drawing included, email me by 2pm tomorrow afternoon at!