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  • BW

    There Are Gray Areas

    I’m still a designer. I promise. And I’m designing a lot. It’s just more difficult to photograph printed design work (in good quality) to showcase. Ugh, I’m lazy. This photography thing is…

  • Day7
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 7

    SILHOUETTES! And the smallest number of participants yet. It was very awesome to see the technique and the interpretation of “silhouette” in these submissions. I love the contrast. Which ones are your…

  • Day6
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 6

    Well this post went up a lot later than I had planned but it’s seriously one of my favorite days so far. So much color and I really love the way each…

  • SharingMeals

    Sharing Meals

    There’s something about sharing meals that brings people closer together. Whether you’re in someones’ home, hosting a gathering, or dining out with someone special…it’s good for the soul. Photos taken on my…

  • Day5
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 5

    It’s like a variety show up in here today! Every five days throughout this #30dayphoto challenge, there will be a “whatever you want” theme which allows participants to take a break from…

  • Day4
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 4

    Day 4! From a high angle. I love the different heights in which these were taken. And the city aerial shots are gorgeous! Check out the submitters: 1 | 2 | 3…

  • Day2
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 3

    Whew! 33 photos for day 3 and they’re all amazing. As the challenge continues, it will be interesting to start noticing each person’s style. I seriously am amazed as the email submissions…

  • Camelot
    Photography, Show

    Camelot Cellars

    Last week I was able to enjoy a quiet wine tasting at Camelot Cellars here in Columbus, Ohio. To say it was enjoyable would be an understatement. Not only did I learn…

  • Day2
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 2

    Today’s challenge: take a photo of what you wore! I loved seeing how each photo varied in style and composition. I had 25 submissions (besides mine) and I challenge anyone to jump…

  • Day1
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 1

    I’m seriously blown away at the talent + beauty of these photos! I had 25 submissions and I adore each one. Some of you included funny comments and information about your photos.…