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  • queen2

    Design Crush: Face

    All work by Face – based in Monterrey, Mexico. Check out their work here.…

  • Daily

    Daily Occurrences

    It was a relaxing weekend here in Columbus. I walked around our apartment and took a few random shots. My makeup being left out on the sink, Desh’s toys (intact and destroyed)…

  • MLL
    Link Love

    Monday Link Love

    My three most favorite things on the internet lately: ONE IOTA’s work for a local grocer. I loved reading why Annie likes shooting film. Weekly “Music Night.” I think Adam and I…

  • AfternoonOut

    An Afternoon Out

    A wonderful weekend afternoon with Janine. Thrifting + taco truck! What are you favorite things to do on a weekend afternoon?…

  • CyT

    Cy, You Make Me Sigh

    Cy Twombly, an American artist, passed away at the beginning of last month. The news saddened me and memories flooded back to when I first discovered this magical painter that (for the…

  • OHRG

    A Day At The Fair

    On Sunday we spent part of our day at the Ohio State Fair and watched the Ohio Roller Girls. My talented and amazing friend Candace is a roller girl and we cheered…

  • daily

    Daily Occurrences

    Just some shots around the apartment + in the neighborhood. I didn’t notice until I was posting but that first photo matched my blog super well. Neat. I recently snagged a Pentax…

  • LinkLove
    Link Love

    Monday Link Love

    Happy August! A round up of three of my favorite things on The Internets lately. DesignLoveFest’s STYLE series. Absolutely love it. Herb and Dorothy, a documentary on Netflix Instant. It’s about a…

  • photochallenge
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    Photo Challenge Update

    I’ve decided that the 30 Day Photo Challenge will take place in September! Since I’ll be shooting film, I’m going to start tomorrow (August 1st), finish by August 30th, and post starting…