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  • Nantucket2
    Photography, Show


    Last week I ventured out to Nantucket to visit one of my best friends, Kellyn. It’s absolutely gorgeous out there and I was treated to sunny, 70 degree weather. After leaving, I…

  • Day30
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 30

    Day 30: Yourself…30 Days Later. The 30 Day Photo Challenge is officially over! Can you believe it? To me, it went by incredibly fast and I can’t believe it’s October already. Obviously,…

  • day29
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 29

    Day 29: Clouds! I love the variety of clouds in this set. Sometimes a cloudy day is perfect and other times it’s nice to see only a few in the sky. I…

  • Day28
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 28

    Day 28 : Incorporate Motion. To me, motion in photos makes them more candid and a better reflection of what was really happening. I think this set is a great example. Your…

  • Day27
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 27

    Day 27: Natural Light. I pretty much only shoot with natural light. I really admire those that can handle studio and artificial lighting well. I am not one of those people. What…

  • day26
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 26

    I’m baaaaack! I’ll be posting more about my trip to Nantucket and Boston next week but for now, let’s finish up this challenge! The 30 Day Photo Challenge is officially over as…

  • 20110927-103117.jpg
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto update

    Update: I won’t be able to post while on Nantucket! I’ll begin posting Day 26 this Friday (and Day 27 on Saturday…etc). Hope you all understand! Keep sending your submissions for Days…

  • Day25
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 25

    Today’s challenge: anything you want! I love these shots. Not that I don’t LOVE when 30+ people submit photos but sometimes a smaller set feels really awesome. Your favorites? Mine’s #14. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |…

  • Day24
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 24

    Whew. Another late post. I’m in Illinois and don’t have great Internet connection. There is a chance that for the rest of the challenge, they’ll be going up late because I’m on…