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  • Day15
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 15

    We’re halfway into the 30 Day Photo Challenge, pals! The first week felt really slow to me but the second week-ish has gone by really quickly. How are you all feeling about…

  • i-love-massachusetts-8x10-map-art-print

    East Coast Bound

    At the end of September, I’ll be making a trip out to Massachusetts! I’ve been to Cape Cod and Provincetown but this time I’ll be visiting Nantucket and Boston to see Kellyn. I…

  • Day14_2
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 14

    Today’s challenge was all about eyes. Focusing on eyes (to me) can take on a few meanings. I think this variety did a great job covering all interpretations and I’m glad a…

  • Storer-Film

    Portrait Session: Sarah Storer

    I got to snap some pictures of Sarah Storer (aka The Naked Redhead) last weekend. She’s a natural in front of the camera and too pretty for words so it was a…

  • DO

    Daily Occurrences

    Hi pals! I’ve actually really missed regular blogging during this 30 Day Photo Challenge caraaaaziness. It’s been SO fun so far but it is a lot of work and I haven’t been…

  • Day13
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 13

    This challenge was to submit a photo edit that you like. It could be of a recent photo you’ve snapped or perhaps an old one you’ve always been proud of. My photo…

  • Day12
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 12

    This challenge is never about numbers, but dang! Only 18 submissions besides my own. I had a feeling that I would see a smaller number of submissions since this post really required…

  • MLL
    Link Love

    Monday Link Love

    All my favorite things on The Internet lately. And they match? Aren’t I cute. Ellie of Mint just blogged and reviewed Austin Howe’s new book “Designers Don’t Have Influences.” I recently read…

  • day11
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 11

    Today’s post seems fitting. Black and white has such a unique feel about it. Mine (the very top) was taken with expired B&W film. It’s even interesting to see how the tone/color…

  • Day10
    30 Day Photo Challenge

    #30dayphoto : Day 10

    Whew! Well it looks like weekend posts may be late or early depending on my schedule. Today I took photos of Sarah and then took a letterpress class! I had a blast but…