I Photographed A Cookbook!


Photographing a cookbook has been on my career dream list since I first picked up a camera. I was so honored when Taylor of Simply Taylor asked me to photograph her amazing creations. Back in June, we shot for five straight days (16 recipes per day!) at our studio.

cookbook recipe

The cookbook, Real Food, Real Simple, doesn’t come out until January 3, 2017 but you can pre-order it now! I can’t wait to have it in my hands!

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  • That’s so exciting! I love cookbooks and really beautiful food photography really draws me in and makes me want to try recipes more than just text. (It’s why I dig food blogs, so I can see some process, though I don’t necessarily need a photo of each step unless it’s a tricky technique.) Glad you got to take on a project that has always been your dream! I would love to do layout for a cookbook some day, that’s definitely on my own list of dream projects!

  • Wow, those pictures are gorgeous! And how exciting for you! I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open for this cookbook come next January!

  • Those pictures are gorgeous!!! Congrats, Allie! Also – totally random – but what kind of tether/program do you use to see your SOOC pictures in real time on your iMac? Been looking for that kind of setup so any info is helpful! :)