The Shopping Cure

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I go shopping every year on my birthday. I buy a lot of clothes. The next year, I hate all my clothes and I repeat. It’s a bad habit and it stopped this year! It went down like this:

Adam: You should buy new AG jeans this year for your birthday!

Me: Oh yeah! That’d be fun! Actually, can we go to the art store instead?

As I was adding tubes of acrylic paint to our cart, Adam observed that it took falling back in love with painting for me to stop spending all my money on clothes. Quite true, my love. Quite true.

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  • Hi Allie!

    My name is Danielle and I’ve been following your blog/instagram for a few years now. I’m currently 20 years old and going into my senior year at Bowling Green State University. I’m still kind of figuring out what I want to do with my life — and I always think to myself that I wish I had your life! I’ve changed my major several times throughout college and currently am a graphic design major. However, this degree will take me another four years to complete. I recently started working as an intern at Ortinau Art, a graphic design and print company. It’s really had me thinking a lot lately about having my own business after I graduate — possibly doing photography//graphic design. However, if that’s the case, I’m struggling with what to finish up my degree in. One option is to do what’s called an Individualized Planned Program, which basically allows me to make up my own major. If I go that route, I’ll probably finish out my degree by taking photography classes (because I have no experience, but would like to get into it), business classes, and maybe some printmaking classes or some other art classes. I just wanted to reach out to you to see if you have a college degree in an area of design/art or if you’re self taught?

    Hope to hear from you! :)

    • Hi Danielle! So lovely of you to leave a comment. Thanks for reading my blog (even though I’ve been an awful blogger the past year or so!!) That’s so awesome that you’re active in the design world and currently interning. I find that most students need to see lots of options before choosing which route to take. My focus in my major was graphic design but I was also able to paint, woodwork, photograph + more. It was a really flexible program. I would definitely do a customized program if you can!!

  • I gave away 2 large luggages filled with semi-new clothes a few weeks ago. Now I’ve been doing my best to spend my money carefully, in things that are more important (courses for me or my kid, art tools, etc).