Cold? Or allergies? Neither, please.


It snowed on Monday. It will be in the 30’s this weekend. Can’t it just be spring already? I supposed I should be grateful because my spring allergies haven’t kicked it yet. Speaking of allergies, I’m going to give acupuncture a try this year! I won’t do shots and I eat relatively clean but I still feel miserable as soon as it warms up around here. I’ve been keeping tabs on allergy levels the past two weeks and was testing “moderate” in the tree category. Since I’ve felt pretty great, I’m thinking it’s grass and ragweed. I know I should just get tested, but I avoid the doctor and most western medicine (even painkillers).

We plan to solve all my problems by moving within the next 3 years. Probably near the ocean. But where? Please comment if you’ve relocated + felt allergy relief!! Maybe we can be neighbors.


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  • I’m allergic to grass, olive tree and jasmine pollens and I’m surrounded by them (basically I would feel better at the North Pole!). I made tons of tests and took several different cures, but even the cortisone didn’t help me. I finally found a balance with homeopathic medicines, unfortunately they aren’t recognized as actual medicines here in Italy so they cost TONS of money :(

  • I have a friend who suffers from allergies and asthma. She moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia and says it’s much better. Must be all that ocean air! But the weather is pretty chilly. West Coast maybe? Ocean + moderate weather all year round!

  • West coast = best coast.

    But also, if you do a blood panel for food allergies, you see what produces a histamine response and 100% cut those foods out for the spring. I find that helps a lot with mine. Also, eating lots of nettles and drinking camomile in the spring (but reduce allergies).

    But also – west coast.

    • I know, I know. I just get so sad thinking about leaving the Midwest (or as I like to call it…the Midbest). And yes I got tested for food allergies and I should avoid dairy, peanuts, grains (which I mostly do). I suck at food journalling but I’m going to start again this weekend so I can see how it affects my histamine responses.

  • My parents live in Austin, and my dad is miserable in the spring due to his allergies. So I probably wouldn’t recommend moving there for good.

  • I guess people saying West Coast are thinking Cali? When I think West Coast, I think Pacific Northwest (I’m from Vancouver, BC) and let me tell you: allergies are no better here! There are still lots of trees, grass, pollen etc. Which is all lovely, of course! I absolutely love it, but taking in a deep breath of that fresh air only leads to me puffing up haha. I guess depending on how serious your allergies are, you might need stronger medication? I’ve always been fine just using drug store allergy medication (e.g. Allegra), though if you like to avoid western medicine, that’s absolutely understandable. I’ve heard lots of good things about acupuncture working for physical ailments, so it’s worth a shot!
    Best of luck xxx

    • Yeah I think they’re referring to California but am with you … I think of PNW too! I actually take Zyrtec every night and it helps A LOT (if I didn’t, my eyes and skin would itch a ton).

  • I have suffered from pretty serious allergies for years and the PNW is not an ideal location. But last year I breezed through allergy season thanks to pregnancy hormones. I couldn’t believe it! I had always thought I would have to plan being pregnant around allergy season so I could take medicine (because pregnancy always goes according to plan, right?). Little did I know how powerful those hormones would be. Also, each time I moved to a new country, I would have very minor allergies. Apparently it takes a bit of time for your body to adjust to new vegetation. So, there are my tips. Pregnancy and globetrotting.