March 20


While I’m catching up on emails, projects and sleep…you’ll be seeing a few posts filled with photos from Hawaii. I snapped a lot of photos of my siblings while we were there (How could I not? They’re gorgeous!) They bring so much joy into our lives and I felt lucky to have spent so much time with them. I wish I lived closer.


How do you keep in touch with those you love that live farther away?

  1. Jacqueline

    March 20

    It looks like Hawaii was good to you guys! It’s great that you got to spend time with your siblings. I think there are few things that are more important than sibling time. They keep us grounded, don’t they? I only have one brother, but my cousins are just like siblings – and it’s always when I get to spend a few days just hanging out with them, at home, that I feel most like myself. Much more centered.

    Glad you got that time with them! Have a fantastic Wednesday, Allie!

    • Allison

      March 21

      It was :) And it was so amazing to spend time with them. They really do keep us grounded. They remind me that I’m just a huge nerd/dork haha. Thanks for the comment, Jacqueline!!

  2. Mary

    March 21

    Good grief your photos rock sister!

  3. Carly

    March 22

    Siblings are the best! I have two sisters and one brother and not being part of their daily lives was one of the hardest things about living in the Netherlands the last seven years. It was also one of the biggest reasons that I decided to move back to the States. Developments in technology have helped so much over the years though. Skype came along, then webcams in every computer, Twitter, Instagram…it is so much easier to keep in touch with the daily moments than ever before. Still, nothing beats just being together.

  4. Rachel Tayse

    March 22

    It’s so cute to see how Adam interacts with your siblings. My husband teases and enjoys my sisters like they are his now and we all love it.

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