Coffee and Collaboration


I don’t drink alcohol much. If I do, it’s an occasional glass of wine or for a special event. Instead, I find myself gathering, collaborating and meeting over coffee. Most of us do (especially those who use coffee shops as meeting spots). I recently began collaborating with David Sherry and even though I can’t show you everything we’ve been working on…know that it’s pretty awesome. I spent an afternoon shooting some photos in Mission Coffee and thought I’d share a few. 

When do you find yourself feeling most creative? Is food or beverage associated with those moments? Music? People? Places?

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  • coffee shops are one of my favorite things! if i have a lot to do one day i usually take the bus or metro to work in another part of the city (somewhere far where i don’t know anyone makes me more productive). and if i ever get stuck or bored i walk to the next café. i’ve spent many productive days like that…