The Mess and All

2012-11-26 19.06.29

This is what my desk looks like when it’s clean. It’s rarely clean because I’m sort of a messy person by nature. Last year, I participated in the “Things I’m Afraid to Tell You” thing that went semi-viral and that was one of my confessions. I’m really good at being clean when I want to be (which is about every 5 days) and so if you meet me for coffee or are invited over for dinner…it’s a “clean” day for me (like…I just showered probably).

As I’m writing this at 2am (while my husband and dog are cashed out), I took this picture of my desk.

photo (14)

No natural lighting. An ugly second monitor. Papers galore. Cute, eh? I mean, I don’t have mold growing anywhere so that’s good. I’m not trying to say this is the worst mess in my house (please don’t go in my kitchen) but it is what it is.

Realizing this about myself is healthy. We all portray a certain angle on the internet. Sometimes I go days without posting a photo on Instagram due to the fact that I’m sitting, un-showered at this desk working my a$$ off. And it’s not really that pretty.

But it’s a good life. The mess and all.

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  • Love that you’re showing the authenticity of real life.
    I’m convinced that a good life is lived in the mess…

    When I’m frustrated that I didn’t get the house cleaned, the dishes are still “soaking,” + the laundry piles are building…I have to step back + take a harder look. That’s when I see the new art from my toddler on the fridge, the stale bread we threw outside for the birds, the blocks all over the floor from tower building, the baby clothes all over their room from his attempt to “sort,” + I realize that mess is a symptom of a well-lived life.

  • thanks for sharing your mess! real, cluttered, everyday life is good and important – that’s something I struggle to share about, be authentic about online as well. keep up your good work!

  • I’m a messy desk person too. Drives my husband crazy because we share the desk at home. I try to think of it as a sign of creative genius at work. Especially when I’m cursing my clutter because I can’t find what I need.

  • my desk looks like this every night. then the next day, when i come home from school, i clean it up and it looks beautiful.
    because of this double personality, the rest of my family can’t say i’m unorganized because it wouldn’t be true all the way… ha!

  • “Sometimes I go days without posting a photo on Instagram due to the fact that I’m sitting, un-showered at this desk working my a$$ off.”

    Yes! So glad I’m not alone.. Allie, you’re a girl after my own heart! Love your honest, genuine posts. And I think your desk is VERY cute, I mean, I see washi tape!

  • You’re so right about the angle we tend to portray online. It’s refreshing to see someone with a desk that’s a little messy (that can admit it)! It’s so easy to look around the internet and think everyone is living in a pinterest perfect, clean, and organized home! Like you said – there isn’t mold growing anywhere in my house – but there are days I definitely hope no one drops in unexpectedly! ;)