Puppies and Links – Nothing Better



Our friends got their puppy this past weekend and I basically melted every time I saw her. HOW CUTE IS SHE? Her name is Stella. Light posting today but thought I’d share some of my favorite things lately:

  1. NARS Matte Lipstick – I FOUND THE ONE! My favorite. Can’t wait to try new shades.
  2. Quit Your Day Job – A blog series on Etsy and it’s so so good.
  3. After the Jump – my favorite podcast currently.
  4. Bob’s Red Mill shortbread cookies. My review can be found here.
  5. Making and trying cocktails from our new Vintage Cocktails book.
  6. Rent the Runway – I’m getting my first dress from here tomorrow for my friend Janine’s birthday party. I can’t wait to share!

Be back tomorrow with a NEW Here We Go: Tips on Blogging post!


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