Good Goods

Another round up of my favorite goods lately:

  1. Symbol // Looks like such a great book! Want.
  2. Striped tank from Target // I bought it in 4 colors.
  3. Deborah Lippmann in Lara’s Theme // The perfect orange.
  4. Mineralogie cream concealer // Dark circles be gone.
  5. Water bottle with storage // Perfect for the gym!

Any good goods that you’ve been into lately? I’m in the market for some new clothes to workout in. Any recs? I like inexpensive!


  1. Love #1 & 5. A water bottle with storage? How brilliant is that.

    (I also have a fetish for all clothes Target.)

    • Me too Janae! And yes I need that water bottle. It has pretty good reviews. I only bring water, keys and chapstick to the gym so it’s perfect!

  2. Siv

    Love the water bottle!

    Just discovered your blog, it’s lovely! Love the blogging tips:)

  3. Great find form Target!

  4. I usually pick up cheaper workout clothes from Target. Their Champion C9 line is pretty good!

    • Good to know! Thanks Jess. I also get shorts from Marshall’s usually. I love those but am tired of wearing heavier tshirts in this heat.

  5. Where can you find Deborah Lippman polish?? Can I borrow? tehe!

  6. I bought that tank top as well, in two colors! I think they’re all different enough that you can get away with it. Their vintage boyfriend tee was a good find too, it’s my favorite inexpensive tee I’ve found so far this year.

  7. Jess Rogers

    That water bottle looks amazing..for all the times I drop my keys on the floor next to the elliptical!!

  8. Molly

    I loved my water bottle with storage!!!! I had it in purple!

    The only problem was the lid was leaky. Wonder if I had a defective one… I found them at Meijer on sale not too long ago in case you are looking!

  9. I love the nail varnish! I always wear funky colours on my nails :) I should try and find an orange one next! It’s cute :)

  10. LR

    Allie, I just bought my first “big girl” workout gear recently. Have always opted for cheap, so I can’t believe how much difference it makes to splurge on something nice for a little more $. I really recommend this yoga tunic from The North Face.

    • Oh that’s really good to know. Working out really changed once I got good shorts so I’m excited to find some cooler tops now. Thanks for the Northface rec! Not too pricey either.

  11. LR

    Funny you should say that…I bought some Nike shorts with the top and was blown away with how great they perform and feel.

  12. I LOVE that color nail polish!!! :D

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