A Free Download To Brighten Your Day!

April 30

This past weekend I finalized a project for a client and I got to involve watercolor! I loved it so much I decided to create a freebie wallpaper for you all! The charcoal blob in the middle inspired me to pull a Mumford and Sons lyric. It seemed perfect. I’m digging those bright teals and blues lately. I hope you enjoy! Click here to download ALL versions. It includes a desktop (formatted for a large iMac), iPad and iPhone version! You can download them individually here:

  • Click HERE to download the desktop version
  • Click HERE to download the iPad version
  • Click HERE to download the iPhone version

Enjoy and be sure to share!

  1. Desktop version downloaded! This is awesome, Allison!

  2. benji

    April 30

    Download complete. Thanks!

  3. DAB

    April 30

    Great way to start my week with this colorful splash on my desktop! Thanks, Allie!

  4. Chrissy

    April 30

    This is beautiful. Great work!

  5. Kate

    May 1

    I love it! Looks great :)

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