Sponsor Spotlight: Zomgimbored

March 22

I was so excited when Jim (the brains behind Zomgimbored) offered to sponsor my blog for the month of March! Zomgimbored is a blog for aspiring graphic designers as well as working professionals. I love his tutorials and the intentionality behind each post. When I asked Jim what he loves about March he responded, “The change in weather!” He’s shared a few things he recently can’t get enough of:

  1. Good Clients
  2. Lean Protein
  3. Naked Fruit Juices
  4. The Daily Show
  5. Fun Projects

You can visit Jim’s portfolio site here and follow him on Twitter! Also, if you’re interested in sponsoring Show + Tell in April…message me!

  1. jamesviola

    March 22

    Aw this is great. I intend to return the favor and to continue sponsoring!

    • Allison

      March 22

      Awesome!! Love having you as a sponsor!

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