Film Portrait: Janine

This week I took film portraits of Janine. How gorgeous is she? And how amazing is her dog, Jax? We had so much fun walking around the Arena District here in Columbus. The weather was perfect–80 degrees and slightly overcast. I shot a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 on my Minolta and a roll of black and white film on my Canon A-1. I still need to finish off the roll later today and I should be able to share those next week. I truly love capturing natural beauty on film. They seem to go together so well. When the roll comes back, I don’t even want to alter it. There were a few inconsistencies on a few shots but I touched them up in Photoshop. Other than that, I didn’t alter these at all. Click here to see more.

If you’re local and would like a film portrait shoot – contact me! The weather is phenomenal and I’m inspired.


  1. Allie, these turned out so wonderfully! Janine is so pretty though, so that helps. And Jax is about as photogenic as Desh.

    I may need to enlist your help for some photos but I’ll touch base with you soon. You’re like my go-to designer/photographer. :)

  2. Allie, these are beautiful – The last one if my favorite! I wish I lived in Columbus, because I would certainly have you take photographs for me, but alas, I will just drool over your work from afar :)

  3. Great photos! Her dog looks like a less furry version of my dog, Hemingway!

  4. So very pretty, Allie and Janine!

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