1. I also shoot almost entirely with natural light. It’s what’s usually most readily available, and also I tend to shoot nature/landscape which sort of rules out studio lighting. Even when I shoot portraits, I prefer natural lighting because the color tones are so much more beautiful, in my opinion.

  2. candace m.

    October 2

    i have to use artificial lighting for some things (weddings in dark churches, etc.) but when i do, it seems that i am always conniving to make the flash look like natural light because that is what i GREATLY prefer the look of.

    i was sad that i missed the deadline on submitting for this one since it’s the easiest one to complete!!

    i like off camera lighting in certain scenarios–but usually, i lean toward natural lighting. but i do like dramatic natural lighting.

    does any of this even make sense? i need sleep. lol.

  3. Allison

    October 2

    I agree with both of you! And yes, Candace…you always make sense to me.

  4. Brandie

    October 2

    Love #9!

    • Martín

      October 3

      Thanks on #9! I also shoot mostly (I’m not a photographer) on natural light, but I was very lucky to take that picture and get than sunshine on the shot!

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