30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 7

It’s been 7 days! Today’s challenge was to draw your favorite word. Mine is rococo.

Steven likes sassafras. Benji likes radical.

Tomorrow’s challenge: favorite animated character! I suppose you can’t get TOO imaginative with this one since…it’s already drawn. If you want yours included, email it to me by midnight tonight to hi@allisonlehman.com.


  1. i’m really loving the 30 day drawing challenge – it’s so interesting to see the process… and it’s getting me thinking that i want to do one sometime soon as well.

    have fun! and i can’t wait to see what comes up next.

  2. Loving the word challenge! Those are awesome letters everyone has done… mine is colorful, but not quite as awesome as everyone else’s.

  3. benji

    Love your Rococo

  4. I reeallly like your drawings!!!!!!!! Cool art style :)

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