1. Brittany

    March 11

    If you read Spanish, those Pablo Neruda poems are even lovelier than the typeface on those booklets. Amazing work.

  2. ALDAN

    March 11

    this stuff is indeed, super beautiful

  3. Allison

    March 12

    Britt- Sadly I don’t read Spanish but I’m glad the inside is pretty too!

    Aldan- I’m glad you agree.

  4. Jen K

    March 22

    I’m swooning over the book covers. I have a book of neruda poetry that has a pretty cover too, but not as nice as that one!

  5. Allison

    March 22

    Jen- Do you know how to read Spanish? Brittany mentioned above that the poetry is beautiful but I don’t know how to read Spanish that well.

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