Monday Link Love : Blog Edition

November 1

I thought I’d mix it up this week and share some of my most recent favorites on the blogosphere. Blogosphere? Is that the right term? You can click the headers to take you directly to the wonderful bloginess that I adore. Too many blog words. I’m done.

  1. james korte

    November 1

    hello! linked to your blog from and right away saw the ‘for me, for you’ link. just thought i’d drop a comment to say “that one of my best friend’s girlfriend’s blogs!” i also check it out weekly for ‘bits of my weekenkd’ =P

    carry on!

  2. Allison

    November 1

    That’s awesome! I love her blog. Thanks for sharing. I take it you’re in Cbus then?

  3. James Korte

    November 5

    Yep! Been in Columbus about 5 years. Went to OU with Kate’s BF Billy, we used to paint graffiti together. Only met Kate once (in Columbus when they were driving through to visit Billy’s family in Ohio).

  4. Allison

    November 9

    Very cool. I’ve been in Columbus for about a year & a half now. I really love it. Perhaps we’ll meet sometime soon!

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